Date: 22nd July 2011 at 4:54pm
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The pre-season tour is well underway and we can finally escape the much transformed backed pages which have spiraled into a state of delivering rumor-based drivel.

The tour is a great opportunity for us mere mortals to finally observe, analyse and generally wax-lyrical about what our new recruits will have to offer in the not too distant future. A chance to speculate on what really matters, who really matters and of course, form new opinions on what lies ahead.

So with that in mind, a breif look at what the pre-season has served up thus far.

I’m sure we’re all in agreement that the Tour 2011 has started with a resounding bang. Considering the teams United are pitted against are (or at least should be) at their mid-season peaks, I’m rather inclined to doff my cap to the Reds’ opening efforts. Of course there will be the dedicated detractors who pay the pre-season no mind and will undoubtedly  point at some chasm in class, ability, fitness levels and so on, but the saying goes, “You can only beat what’s been put in front of you.”  And my, haven’t the lads done all they can to do exactly that?

If you’re as curious as I, you would by now have perused the MLS website to get a handle on just who Manchester United has dispatched over the last two weeks. I was somewhat wary of celebrating resounding performances just in case the teams were languishing in the “relgation” zone, but was pleased to discover that New England Revolution are currently 7th in the Eastern Confrence, while the Seattle Sounders lie 2nd in the West.  And yes, some further research revealed the fact that Seattle and New England overall finished 7th and 16th (out of 18) respectively last term, but why dwell on the past?

The energy, resolve and never say die attitude that I’ve witnessed, bodes well for the season ahead and goes a long way to display many players’ pledge to fight for their place next term.  The whistle-stop tour heats up from here on, with matches coming thick and fast – an effort I assume to replicate our busy mid-season – as the Reds will be taking on Chicago Fire (8th in the East) on July 23rd and then on July 27th, the pièce de résistance, the MLS All-Stars.

So far, the tour has answered a pivotal question on many lips when Sir Alex made his Ashley Young swoop – has Young got what it takes to be United player? Young was given the chance to let his football do the talking, and has graciously shown why he is often mentioned as the Premier League’s best winger.  Looking hungry, and playing on the verge of having a point to prove, Young has put himself about the pitch at both ends, something I think United has been missing (as a natural ability) in a winger in the last few seasons. Furthermore, Young has given the forwards a taster of the delivery they will receive with him on the pitch. A taste which it seems must be acquired as we haven’t been used to that kind of service regularly, dare I say, since the Beckham days. The pacy winger certainly has a role to play at his new club and already looks like he’s fitting in nicely.

The rest of the squad looks almost surprisingly fighting fit and ready for all that lies ahead… I hope I haven’t just jinxed it all.  The goals have been flowing in 2  impressive, vintage United performances in which the team has come alive in the  second half winning 4-1 in the opener against New England and following that with the 7-0 drubbing of Seattle Sounders. There is an obvious focus on our strengths going forward after a composed Rooney hat-trick against Seattle. With Diouf and Obertan getting in on the action in the same game,  not to mention Owen and Park adding to their tallies from the previous match, and Macheda looking like a new signing, United are, as always, sure to serve up some mouth-watering, goal-mouth entertainment.

I guess the jury is still out on how good the MLS actually is and we can only hope that the All-Star Game will give us a slightly better indication of the best America has to offer. In any case, after a season that came to an anti-climatic slump in Wembley against Barcelona, United can look forward to every moment of every pre-season match, no matter how much of a morale booster it may seem, before the next showcase at the end of the month… against Barcelona.

I love most American sports and think the All-Star Weekend is one of the best ideas EVER. Do you think it could ever translate over here? Imagine the possibilities – penalty competition, crossbar challenge, showboat and tricks showcase and more! Then at the end of the weekend,  North vs South! Discuss it with me @rizotoo


9 responses to “American pie: Our pre-season eye-opener”

  1. jonathan says:

    I’m not on Twitter, so hopefully you still get this. I agree on the EPL hosting an All-Star game. I know many Brits will complain about Americanization; but take it for what it is, and it’s quite enjoyable. I think the skills competition would be the highlight, and they should also do what is done with other all-star do in ensuring at least one player is represented from each team.

    I’m not sure how they’d create teams since there are no conferences in the EPL, but they could figure something out.

    Oh, and I was at the United-Sounders game, what a joy to behold!

    • Chudi says:

      Happy to hear you enjoyed it Jonathan.
      Would love to get to a stateside game, simply from the build up we see over here I can tell they are properly entertaining!

    • Lusungu Chikamata says:

      Hey Jonathan, firstly, so jealous you were at the game, atmosphere looked and sounded great, I fully believe Seattle has the biggest football fan base. I think an imaginary line could be drawn somewhere in the midlands to split the league into north and south. As long as there are ten teams in each side of the divide it would work out brilliantly especially as it almost guarantees a player from each team.

  2. karlomu says:

    i agree with you on young could prove to be a great signing theres one question is this gonna be obertans break through year he looks strong but against stronger opposition can he do it i hope so cos he,s got a certain style that suits utd…

    • Lusungu Chikamata says:

      Obertan looked really sharp in both games and his style definitely suits United which is why I can see Fergie not shipping him out on loan but maybe using him in cup competitions and as a sub. Oh, did you see his goal against the Sounders? He’s coming along nicely methinks.

  3. Lusungu Chikamata says:

    Can I also add a free kick competition? 5 shots from each of 4 spots outside the area. Think targets in the goal each assigned points. You could add a wall of up to 4 players for bonus points.

  4. TongaBull says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Wellbeck, Cleverly, Jones, Smalling and De Gea get some gametime. I really think the next season will see most of these players further establish themselves as United players

  5. Michael aka Mizzy says:

    the only issue i have with all this is , in the NBA everybody looks forward to the slam dunk comp, but what will the prem offer as their show stopper??