Date: 3rd August 2011 at 10:14pm
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As Eric Cantona makes a long awaited return to Manchester with the New York Cosmos, he has sung the praise of the man who has brought him back to Old Trafford.

Cantona will lead a ‘star studded’ New York Cosmo team against Manchester United at Old Trafford to honour the career of Paul Scholes on Friday and whilst he feels the now retired midfielder was a special talent he has tipped United to survive his departure.

Speaking to FIFA.Com, The King said:

“I knew Paul when he was young.

“He started here with us. He has been a great player. He could play anywhere, midfield, up front, he could score goals, make them, defend, tackle. He could do anything.

“He is a great player. I am very proud of him. But you can replace any player, especially at a club like Manchester United, with a great manager like Ferguson. When a player leaves, you think the club won’t win any more. But they still do.

“They have a great history and they work a lot every day so any player can be replaced. Paul is still a great player. But I left, [Cristiano] Ronaldo left, [Mark] Hughes left, [David] Beckham left, and United are still one of the best clubs in the world.”


5 responses to ““When a player leaves, you think the club won’t win any more. But they still do.””

  1. Jamali says:

    King Eric, a true legend, icon. Now that Robson is no more our ambassador, I think that King Eric would be best suited for that role.

  2. great player for united

  3. abdul says:

    spoken like a true legend. All hail Eric, the king!!!

  4. unitedFixation says:

    He always seems to make sense whenever he speaks out .. unlike other legends (maradonna,pele,platini etc). A true legend who speaks from the heart. Scholes is the same. There is something about United legends that distinguishes them from the others.

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