Date: 6th August 2011 at 3:01pm
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Cristiano Ronaldo’s growth into one of the best players in the world was a joy to watch as a United fan.

The transformation from the player we signed to the player that left was remarkable and according to Edwin van der Sar it is 100% deserved as the Portuguese attacker put everything in training to ensure he got there.

Edwin used to come up against him in training and witnessing him first hand he confirms that Ronaldo is every bit as special as he appears,

Speaking to CNN, van der Sar said of Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo used to say that he wanted to be the best player in the world and probably a lot players say that, but he’s someone who really worked on it. During training he was unbelievable, just ran to the ball every time and make those actions.

“He just played a big part in our success at Man United and after training he practised his free kicks. Quite hard for a goalkeeper to save them.

“Luckily, if you speak to him I managed to save a lot from him, he scored a couple also, I’m not going to take that away from him. We always had a good understanding I think.”


10 responses to ““Cristiano used to say that he wanted to be the best player in the world.””

  1. kidder says:

    Ronny will also regret following his heart and not his head in my opinion!Would of gone on to greater things if he’d stayed here with United.

  2. Nippy says:

    was an absolute joy to watch and had an almost telepathic understanding with rooney. A truly great talent. PLEASE COME BACK!

  3. he should have stayed at united

  4. Akintunde says:

    The best for you and for the game is to come back to Man United. U’r already a Star but then U’ll become a Legend pls. Come back to where your Fame Stand.

  5. Said says:

    The void has never been filled since he left, one of the greatest players to play at the theatre of dreams. Should return, given that we are the only team able to compete with Barca.

  6. TIME says:

    Why do you say we are the only team to compete with Barca. you dont think real madrid can compete with them. they beat barca to win the cup last season. we havnt beaten barca, we were played off the park, we can not compete with barca. i think we will struggle to compete with chelsea, city, arsenal, liverpool, inter milan, ac milan, real madrid and barca. i dont think our midfield is any good. we have a good defence and strikers, but STILL we have no creativeness in the team. carrick, gigg, park, nani, young, valencia,fletch, anderson…..just seem a bit predictable

    • ricky says:

      @ Time Says—You are not a United fan!!!! Creativity, Nani is on the cusp of being as good as Ronaldo and United are abetter TEAM without Ronnie!! And by the way did you watch what we did to City yesterday? If that performance had been turned in by Barca or Arsenal, the world would have gushed. We have all the creativity that we need. I REPEAT–you are not a United fan!!!!!

  7. in1voice says:

    Great a player as he is, his departure may also be a blessing in disguise. As a team, MU has improved. When CR was around, MU played less a team. Every ball was going to CR. Fortunately he din get injured much during that time. Don’t forget MU got 80M for him and while it din spend much, it still got the title back and into the CL final. The 80M has gone to work this summer to secure the future of the club with great young players. So, we must thank CR for all that he has contributed, both as a player and also for the money. There will not be another player like him.

  8. James says:

    Van Der Sar and Ronaldo – by far two of the greatest players ever to wear our shirt.