Date: 14th August 2011 at 7:30am
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A genuine gaff from ‘The Mirror’ who in reporting a proposed move from Arsenal to Spurs for defender Bacary Sagna used this picture.

The pic looks like a hybrid of the defender and our very own Wayne Rooney but thankfully Wayne hasn’t adopted Sagna’s awful barnet and from what we’ve seen his hair is doing alright.


6 responses to “PHOTO: Rooney’s hair transplant takes a turn for the worst!”

  1. mufc says:

    I could live with rooney havin that hair, but not him bein black

  2. Skillz says:


  3. fg says:

    atleast sagna hast got arse hair on his head, lol

  4. d h hErbert says:

    WHY be racist! What’s yuore IQ! No wait-let me guess -100 u inbread racist pr*ck! Uumm let’s see, no father, brother or sister 2 different dad! Yeah grow up u mufc SCUM, and NO I am not afro-carribean- I am white! But no, that colour means no difference!

  5. p9 says:

    fg sagna would crush u with his arse and he would crush u with his wallet!!