Date: 11th September 2011 at 11:48pm
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Anyone who saw our pre-season and the charity shield game against Manchester city would have agreed that during the summer we had bought well, replacing the players who left or retired with young boys who with a bit of guidance and confidence could have a great deal to give to the club.

The existing players and management, along with the fans were as hungry as ever for success, but could anyone have really predicted the start we would get off to?

To say we have had a flying start is an understatement, even with injuries to three out of four of our first choice defenders not to mention Fletcher and Valencia out and the player of last season, Javier  Hernandez missing the start of the season. In fact the biggest problem that our injuries have caused is for Fergie who, now the players are beginning to return, has the dilemma of who to start in the first eleven, although it is highly unlikely he is complaining about this!

The goals are flying in, with Rooney looking as close to unplayable as he has ever done, having seriously benefited from a summer free of international tournaments or marital strife, and being one of the more experienced players in the team now. It was clear to see when Welbeck partnered Rooney up top that he was willing to offer help and guidance to the younger lad, linking up well with him and praising Welbeck for his vision and passes, even if they did not always come off. It is encouragement like this that allows the younger players to have the confidence to try things and have attempts on goal, and as we saw with Welbeck, the club reaps the rewards.

Rooney now has his Chicharito back to partner him, and even those who need guide dogs can see how much he enjoys this. The level of understanding and partnership that was developed so soon after Hernandez joined the club has grown and grown, and now they are most certainly amongst the best pairing in Europe with any defence struggling to stop them. It was evident against Bolton just how well the two combine, with Rooney getting a hat trick and Hernandez getting the other two goals upon his return to the starting line-up.

It must also be noted that not only did we put in a brilliant attacking performance yet again, but we also looked solid defensively, and Phil Jones who had been filling in at centre half for the injured Vidic switched to right back, and looked like he was born to play there. Not only was he a rock defensively, the boy also made some great runs down the flank and got involved in a couple of the goals – one with a dazzling run ending in a pass to Rooney which once the ball left his foot ended in the back of the net as is becoming the norm these days!

The faith that Fergie has shown in the keeper paid off at Bolton, and looks like being a wise decision, with a solid save made by De Gea after a good attempt on goal from Klasnic, 74 seconds after which United then scored their second goal. It is saves like these and the one made from the penalty that Van Persie took against Arsenal that make the difference in games, and De Gea is looking better with every game, and may well become a United great yet. There is a reason why Fergie is such a great manager and keeping faith in players is one of them.

All throughout the team we look solid and competition for places is immense – yet a great spirit within the camp remains – something one would doubt will stay at City once certain players realise the most action they will be getting this season is from the heated seats on the subs bench. Whilst they may be off to a false start, we are off to a flyer, and have the experience to win titles and carry this through to the end of the season, and in the winter months when fixtures are coming hard and fast, especially in the Manchester weather. How well Aguero and City perform during these periods will be the litmus test for them, not playing Swansea and Wigan at home.

With things on a domestic front going as well as we could have hoped for, and some more, our attention now turns to a tough game midweek in the opening game of our Champions league campaign.

Smart money is on Rooney to carry on in the same form and score more than a couple in Lisbon!


11 responses to “Can anyone keep up with our flying start?”

  1. Jack says:

    There is a team from Manchester you might like to worry about.

  2. CiTyBlUe says:

    False start?, clearly United have riddled you like aids.

    Manchester City will only get better and with Consistency will rip the Premier League title this season from under United’s noses.

    I am very rarely wrong so you better start worrying now, itss not going to be a pretty sight for you united fans as the league will only get tougher for united as the season progresses.

    Oh your all going to get what you deserve this season, there is no chance your club will keep consistency with the likes of your squad list.

    A laughable article at best!

    • RedToTheCore says:

      Brilliant! A post on a United Blog from a Bitter at 3:57am!!! And we are the ones supposed to be worried?!
      Did you really write “I am very rarely wrong so you better start worrying now” ????? “We are going to get what we deserve” What, like we did in The Community Shield? Please for the love of God – stop embarrassing yourself! You have the nerve to say this article is laughable yet you come out with the most ridiculous comments I’ve ever read on a Blog! Actually, keep coming on – your hilarious!

  3. Nati says:

    A great article…We haven’t even reached gear five yet…City have started well but it depends on how everybody gets along…Our former player Tevez might start sulking,who knows what Bolatelli is upto…

    @Cityblue- did you just read every bit of the article that is about Man United. Wow, shouldn’t you be reading City articles instead???

  4. Matt1972 says:

    Utd and city haven’t played anyone prepared to stop them, I personally Rooney is running everything for utd whereas city leave out their top scorer and can bring in tevez or auger. this just sounds like another sad fergie clone spouting dross, “the boy” blah blah like they ate the only team with young players. It will be interesting when utd have to tinker with forward players ie berbatov in and no Rooney, city have so many more options and if you stop utd on the wings you will have a chance against them. Not sure how you can stop city, they are frightening going forward attacking at will. Should be an interesting season, agree utds defence could be key though.

  5. NickG says:

    I definitely think that saying City have had a false start is off the mark. Their attacking movement has been delightful, and their defense has been largely solid. Also, during periods of fixture congestion they will also be able to rotate their squad considering the amount of quality they have in almost every position.

  6. redeye says:

    Long season, early days. Only a muppet would deny that City have bought well and have a very strong squad BUT how many of them have been under the end of pressures that success will bring? UTD have been there and triumphed on many occasions.
    Cannot wait for the Derby.

  7. George Jones says:

    Read this article and thought “what muppet wrote this?” then looked at start and found it was a woman. Says it all really.

  8. redeye says:

    The muppet comment was not directed at the author , but at the idiots who are totally one eyed and fail to appreciate reality. ity are for real. George don’t be such a sexist. Judge on content not on gender.

  9. RedToTheCore says:

    How unusual, Bitters on a United Blog….