Date: 3rd October 2011 at 10:40am
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In a season of 38 premier league games, no team can be expected to win them all, and with flare and brilliance in every game, the key to winning titles is winning when you are not playing well as well as when you are.

This is exactly what we did against Norwich on Saturday, and should we win a 20th title, no one at the end of the season will look back at the game and remember the nerves that were growing in the stadium until Anderson found the net on the 68th minute. There are very few games that will be remembered in seasons to come, the 8 – 2 against Arsenal being one of them, but mostly three points is three points, and even if they have to be ground out, there is no shame in that – as long as we get them that is!

It is something that keeps being repeated, but there is no getting away from the fact that the amount of injuries we have sustained along with the fact we have played such a large amount of games in a short space of time has taken its toll on us, and no one would dispute the fact it was with great relief we welcomed Hernandez and Rooney back to the starting line-up on Saturday.

It was another striker however that was on the score sheet against the Canaries, with Welbeck securing the victory and continuing his remarkable run so far this season, certainly providing Fergie with a brilliant selection headache. Our first goal that came via Anderson showed just how far the player has come this season, and is making good on the promise that we will see an improved player now that he has finally had a full preseason.

With the international break offering respite in the already arduous title race, there is time for more players to recover from their injuries, and although the player himself will be deeply disappointed, news that Rio Ferdinand did not make the squad will surely please Fergie, protecting the player from injury on international duty and allowing him to come somewhere near to being fully fit – which even Rio himself must admit has not been the case so far this season.

Fergie will not however, be impressed at the selection of Ashley Young, who missed the weekend as a precaution due to an ankle injury. Despite his omission from United’s team at the weekend he has still been called up to the England squad none the less. Should the injury become aggravated and keep the player out for a lengthy spell, one can only imagine the shade of purple Fergie would turn through rage at the FA.

Solid starts to the season for Jones and Welbeck have been rewarded with call ups to the full squad whilst Rooney has also been included in Capello’s team for the Euro qualifier. Whilst most United fans wish to see England do well, they along with Fergie will be keeping their fingers crossed for all United players who are representing their International countries to return to Carrington in a week’s time injury free ready for stern tests against Liverpool and Manchester City, not to mention vital Champions League ties.


3 responses to “Thoughts on the Norwich game and beyond”

  1. redeye says:

    Once again the mid-field was exposed in terms of its role in shielding the cenre backs . Work to be done.

  2. John Tring says:

    The point is actually quite simple: lack of quality in critical areas. We did not and stil do not have a decent right back since Gary Neville’s demise a couple of years ago. The Da Silva twins are just not good enough and too injury prone. Rio is history now. Evans is a total disaster. The lesser said the better regarding our awful central midfield. Carrick, Fletcher, Park, Gibson are all not high quality players and yet nothing has been done to address that.We have wingers in abundance and so much so that we play one as a right back! While Utd were apparently looking at top players like Sneijder, it would have been more realistic to buy the likes of Hamsik, Lavezzi, Banega or De Rossi. I am not sure what SAF is going to do but hope he wakes up and takes some action in January. Man City are just too strong. Never mind Barca, Real et el.

    • Chudi says:

      Streuth wouldn’t have thought we just won a 19th title whiklst some of what you say is valid, I would have to disagree with most of your analysis regarding defence.

      Also FYI your point about City is null, ‘friendly’ or not we did a pretty decent number on them in the Community Shield and I wouldn’t doubt we do the same in the league.