Date: 4th October 2011 at 10:27am
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Since his move to Old Trafford Michael Owen has had his detractors.

The former Liverpool striker has made it perfectly clear that he would rather be at United, face limited playing time but attempt to force his way into the team, than be at a lesser club and play more games.

This has caused much contention amongst fans as well as other professionals but in his time at Old Trafford, Owen has reaped the rewards, with him finally lifting a league title having failed to do so with Liverpool, Real Madrid and Newcastle previously.

Following his two goal salvo against Leeds in the Carling Cup last month there was further talk of a return to the international set up for the 31 year old striker but former international and club strike partner Alan Shearer has spoken out against Owen claiming he wouldn’t be happy to be in that position,

“He’s happy with that. That’s his decision.

“Other players might have been different. I wouldn’t have been happy sat on the bench.

“I would want to play. But that’s him.”


7 responses to “Shearer offers his opinion on old strike partner’s predicament”

  1. Denise Williams says:

    Oh so Shearer is sticking the boot into Owen again. Surprise surprise for the record duncehead Shearer Owen has never said he is happy to be sat on the bench. Anyway who is he to talk he was happy to be winning nothing at Newcastle. I see why Roy Keane couldn’t stand big mouth Shearer. The problem with Shearer is he was always very jealous of Owen and clearly still is. Grow up and get a life.

  2. magpie till i die says:

    @ denise … shearer is the greatest striker in britains history you idiot , why does he have to be jealous from owen … shearer snubbed man u and ferguson in the 90’s because he has something apparently no striker in utd’s history has … and thats loyalty …. u f*cin stupid pig … owen left liverpool for money , he joined newcastle for money … let him rot in the reserves … shearer doesnt need idiots like you commenting about his career , i mean, why would you fuccin know about anything, shearer is the greatest english striker ever lived u idiot.. and you idiots call barton and henry and cattermole thugs while you had the biggest disgusting dirtiest thug ever in history .. and thats keane … i mean, cantona attacked a fan during the game .. and you idiots call him a legend for that …. WHAT IDIOTS …. i guess you guys need another plane crash … RANT OVER you idiots

    • Chudi says:

      “i guess you guys need another plane crash”

      Quite a disgusting thing to say don’t you think? The Munich air disaster didn’t only affect United but Manchester as a city but England as a national team and a country.

      You have allowed a disliking of Owen to reveal yourself as a scumbag, congrats sir!

  3. Festy says:

    @magpie til u rot.u r a foolish cunt.wot u knw abt quality?u open ur loud mouth talkn abt utd.u must b foolsh.blind supporter of a no history club!

  4. Bif says:

    Magpie till I die – harsh words to Denise but your wrong, loyalty never made him turn down United… Blackburns money did, you mug. He then went to you lot and won nowt, then claims loyalty!

    Good player but on par with le tissier both had big fish syndrome

  5. Bif says:

    As for the rest of your words, your parents obviously slept together!

  6. Bif says:

    Did I forget to mention they are brother and sister.