Date: 16th October 2011 at 10:00am
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It seems Steven Gerrard has passed on the diving bug to the rest of his team mates.

We all know what a scrote Suarez is and Charlie Adam appears to come down with a serious case of it, diving to win the freekick with which Liverpool took the lead but before that Stuart Downing attempted to do his best Gerrard attempt.

I’ll give you a 3 for effort and 6 for execution. Must do better!

Thanks to Olly for the gifs as usual!


30 responses to “GIF: Stuart Downing Stay On Your Feet!”

  1. richard says:

    could of been worse he could of done a berba and fell over in the box to falsely win a pen or he could of done one of the many rooney acts or to really take the piss he could of used one of ronaldo,s medal winning dives or could of done an evra and play acted in the corner rolling round like he had been shot then try to incite crowd trouble or he could of done a nani and cry like a bitch then run and the so called injured leg to show the ref then theatrically fall over. or he could of been a complete bitch and falsely accuse evra of racism which evra is now becoming famous for.

    • Red Mick says:

      Why u on united sites rat muncher? havnt u got innocent italians to murder? Fuck off, as you’re clearly clueless, as your post shows

    • Chudi says:

      Classy Richard!

      1.Evra has made one clam of being racially abused which was backed up by others yet the ‘your word vs mine’ aspect meant nothing could happen.

      2. So it’s a big problem when Berbatov goes down under minimal contact but not when Adam goes down under NO contact?

      3.If you think Nani wasn’t fouled by Carragher then I worry for your eyesight.

      Typical of your lot it’s there for you to see in black and white yet you fail to acknowledge it and instead look for other things to talk about!

      • Tushar says:

        Go and read Ferdinand’s post match comments :- He clearly mentions there was contact which brought down ADAM

        you just know how to make up stories…Did you even watch the match? The tv cameras clearly showed ferdinand catching adam on the out of his ankle and that is quite enough to bring down anyone!

        • Chudi says:

          He tapped his toe at best a fat lump like Adam going down like he had been hit by the Washington Sniper Was an attempt to con the ref

      • José says:

        Understandable for the dippers to be upset at only managing a draw against the second string but we have champions league during the week and a top of the table clash at weekend.

        They say cheating doesn’t pay but Carra doesn’t feel this way as with suarez, only thing is with new technology they are been spotted time and time again. This is what to expect at Anfield so i’m happy with a point, more importantly is the game next week.

        LFC and stoke will battle it out for the last Europa league place so lets leave them to it.

  2. Mancunian says:

    Aaah we’ve got a couple of scousers commenting here. sad fags. go to your loserpool forum and bitch there.

  3. dave2 says:

    Take a long time before they master the perfect dive, mastered by Berbatov. Berbatov is the best because other laughable, serial divers like Nani and Ronaldo are obvious divers but the FA Cup game at Old Toilet last season when Berbatov did a 5.9 when Aggers leg was 3 feet away and actually managed to make it look like there had been contact was absolute perfection! Of course, you have to love the sheer hypocrisy of old whisky nose pizza face moaning about Suarez diving when he managed Ronaldo for years. His hypocrisy knows no bounds!

  4. dave2 says:

    And then of course there is Rooney. This dive was particularly special.

  5. dave2 says:

    and this absolutely laughable one against Chelsea!! Looks like a fat, drunk man falling over outside the pub haha

    • Red Mick says:

      Dave2…. stop wasting my oxygen pal. Dress it up how you want, you played 5 in midfield at home…… small club mentality. I would wish you good luck in your chase for a uefa cup (or whatever its called these days) position…. but i fucking hate you. By the way …… forget fat jock adam…. are you gonna mention Downings laughable dive….. didnt think so….. murderer

      • dave2 says:




        Hang on, Im not finished,


        Nope, still not finished,


        Small club mentality? Your manager dropped every attacking player you have and played about 7 defenders. You had a stopper in the centre of midfield. All to stop us playing. You mancs really do have zero knowledge of the game, absolutely clueless. Even your very own captain at the time called you lot a bunch of prawn sandwich eaters. An excellent description from your very own captain. Red Mick, you clueless manc piece of shite, go and eat a prawn sandwich!


        • Chudi says:

          You don’t see how you’re mugging yourself by pointing that out? Despite starting with a weak line up you still couldn’t beat us even with your best team?

          Sucks for you!

  6. richard says:

    call us what you like cockney boys bt you lot thought you could walk over us and once again you were proved wrong. evra has claimed racism twice and will probably be proven wrong once again and will more than likely face a ban or fine for falsely accusing players of racism now that is scum of the worst kind . but im sure it wont affect you londoners

  7. anfield boy says:

    LoL clearly chudi is a proper wank…. I mean manc
    Ferdinand admitted there was contact on chharlie adam
    And as for mancunian, uniteds best player is a scouser,he was born n bred in liverpool, united fans are the sad fags cause they rely on a player from liverpool to win them games, they should try n call rooney a scouser n they will see how proud he is to be 1

    • Carlo Sartori says:

      Anfield Boy – Wayne Rooney is an Evertonian you are a Scouser there is a massive difference. Every Evertonian I have met has brains, common sense, owns their own car and knows who their Father is. You are a Scouse Bastard with myopic, insular, inequitable opinions. Get back to prison and keep dropping the soap in the showers.

  8. bazza says:

    Why don’t you all just get a life as every team has divers. It is part of the modern game and will always be until the authorities take retrospective action.

    You could argue that any minimal contact gives a player the right to go down.

    We are all guilty of accusing other teams players of being cheating divers and ignoring it when our own players do it. It is all part of the fun of being a football fan. Just hope it doesnt end up like rugby or cricket where there is no after match banter or controversy boring.