Date: 15th November 2011 at 11:09am
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Alan Hansen has done it again!

The former Liverpool defender wanted praise for Sir Alex’s success as manager, after claiming his ‘you don’t win anything with kids’ remark acted as the catalyst to United’s younger players at the time going on to be stars.

Now he is having a little dig at Phil Jones.

The center back has been a revelation this term and  having starred at center back, right back as well as a roving midfielder.

Alan Hansen has taken this to mean that there is a lack of faith in Jones’ ability and voiced his own concern.

“Every manager, at club and international level, is looking for the next great centre-half, but Fabio Capello’s reluctance to blood Phil Jones in that position for England highlights the reality that he is still not ready for the role.

“But the fact that Capello has picked Jones in the much softer positions of right-back and holding midfield suggests that he has his doubts over the 19 year-old as a centre-back at this early stage of his career.

“At this moment in time, I share those doubts, although I do not dispute that the Manchester United youngster has massive potential as a centre-half because that is clearly his best position.

“But playing at centre-half and mastering the role takes time.”

Phil Jones is by means the finished article and he has been used in various positions but for United at least in a ever changing back line that has struggled with injuries it is beneficial.

Initially when we signed him he was lauded for his versatility now it is being used against him.

Center back is a specialist position, it takes years to learn in order to become one of the best. At just 19, Jones is learning his game and all of the positions he plays will ultimately aid him playing at center back now and in the future.


6 responses to ““Capello picking Jones in the much softer positions suggests that he has his doubts…””

  1. Jim says:

    when will that fuckin idiot Hansen learn?

  2. Tushar says:

    Ofcourse he had to say such things!!
    As expected of a cynical former Liverpool player after all!!

  3. RedScot says:

    Thats the name of the ‘game’ in football punditery to be controversial and aim for notoriety.Phil is already regarded as one of the top central defender’s in the Premiership. As is highlighted in the article at 19 years of age will only hone his undoubted talent.A football natural, he has an exceptional skill and as we have witnessed can play in several postions with ease.A pure thorough-bred.
    Dont forget just to prove the hideous state of Hansen or possibly not, this Wally is paid £45 thousand per Match of the Day programme,to haver and witter away drivel and pontificate nonesense.
    About as rabid as Robbie Savage.Self massaging ego’s.

  4. RedScot says:

    Did he not do rather brilliant Hansen tonight for England, that driving run forward pure class,with hunger and skill.Thats what United need a desire to take players on and purge forward.
    Pure class, pedigree and a cultured football player.Give the lad some praise you Scots/Scouser lame brain.Jealousy is a ‘bitch’indeed.