Date: 25th November 2011 at 1:44am
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“Let’s play the blame game…” sang Kanye West on his most recent album, it’s human nature to do so.

Whilst he crooned about a female, in football inevitably we seek players to find fault with in light of bad results.

After Tuesday’s draw with Benfica The Dail Mail pushed out a ridiculous headline blaming Rio Ferdinand for the draw.

Yes he could have done better with his clearance as the ball ricocheted off his privates into the path of Pablo Aimar but if that’s the nonsensical game we are playing then lets throw Phil Jones under the bus for his own goal, or even David De Gea for his poor clearance that lead to their equaliser.

Whilst Darron Gibson didn’t make it off the bench and Jonny Evans wasn’t included in the squad, incidentally it was one of our favourite whipping boys that had the brightest game.

Michael Carrick showed his worth in midfield offensively and defensively but whilst that saved him from the wrath of the boo boys unfortunately another of our patsy wasn’t spared.

Economical with his energy, this is just one of the things people cite as to why Dimitar Berbatov can’t be a starter at Manchester United.

Previously it was his lack of goals but 21 last season put an end to that argument (although some still took umbrage with the fact that he dared to score multiple goals in single games, rather than spread his goals out over the season!) but regardless there will always being a section of fans who don’t see why United parted with £30.75m to bring him to Old Trafford.

The game against Blackburn in 09/10 will always be used as a stick to beat him, he isn’t capable of playing in the big games. Tuesday may not have been a massive game but it was big enough, no Rooney and in need of a result. A result we didn’t get.

Only one thing to do; Blame Berbatov!

One paper actually lead with his performance being the final indication that Berbatov isn’t good enough to deputise for Wayne Rooney. Forget the fact he scored our equaliser, that we went on to draw the game somehow became Berbatov’s fault.

It probably isn’t the best time to mention his first half header was his first Champions League goal since 2008, where he scored a brace against Celtic but it was the goal that got us back into the game.

Some will point to the fact that he missed a volley in the second half, a chance that could have handed us the 3 points but it will be forgotten that had Ashley Young finished off his chance after Berbatov’s pass put him through 1 on 1, we may not be in this position either.

Last week Berbatov was being linked with moves away from the club. Galatasary and Anzhi were sniffing around him, his agent declared that the striker was unhappy with his position at the club but Sir Alex moved to nip any speculation in the bud. He stated the club were looking to exercise their right to extend his contract by a year and rightly so.

From our point of view it doesn’t make sense to get rid of him, he showed again on Tuesday he knows his way to the goal and that’s what you want from a striker. In terms of him, he may not be happy with being fourth choice, even slipping behind Danny Welbeck, but it has been stressed that he has never complained and remains the perfect professional.

Following the game Sir Alex stated,

“He’s always been involved.

“He’s not had the starts but that’s all to do with the partnerships we’ve had this season.

“He’s done very well tonight and could’ve scored a hat-trick. It was a bad decision when he was flagged offside in the first half – it was never offside. And he missed an opportunity near the end, he was a bit unlucky but maybe he could’ve taken it down.

“Nonetheless, he played very well and there’s always a goal in Dimi, always the ability to turn a game. That’s why I played him. He’s always in my thoughts.”

And his words couldn’t be truer Berbatov always has something to offer, you just wish more shared Sir Alex’s sentiments.


11 responses to “Striker remains victim of the ‘blame game’”

  1. langley says:

    Sir Alex also said Berbatov could have scored a hat-trick and should have. The fact remains that berbatov squanders more great chances than Rooney or Hernandez. I count at least 4 this season already, including his volley late in the match against Benfica. He’s a great talent, but he is simply not clinical enough.

    • Chudi says:

      That hat trick included a goal that was wrongly ruled offside.
      He misses chances but his overall play is something that we will miss, for example his ability to hold the ball. We missed that dearly against Barca in the CL Final

  2. unitedFixation says:

    Credit to Berbatov and we can now pur to rest any doubts that we paid over the odds for Berbatov back in the day. Chelsea paid 50 mill for torres and Liverpool paid 35 mill for Carrol.Now I know our purchase was made a long time back and the above mentioned players can still come good for their clubs but Berbatov is as good if not better , well certainly better than Carrol. Plus he has given us impeccable service and has been a good professional. I say money well spent. Faliure ?? Hell NO.

  3. John Tring says:

    Berba was not terrific but not terrible too. But pray ask SAF: why play a winger as a striker when Hernandez was available? That alone was staggering. The rest is as usual: Fabio is not a top defender, Fletcher is as ponderous as ever ( notwithstanding the goal ) and Ferdinand is our Terry. Oh talking about the 2 stalwarts , (JE and DG) on the bench? They could start and that would have ensured a Utd defeat and that would end the agony.

    • Chudi says:

      Time for some early morning Tring busting!

      He played a ‘winger’ as a striker because of the versatility of that winger. Young can play a number of roles, it’s well documentated and he did so at Villa. Secondary striker is a role he isn’t unfamiliar with.

      Like I said Jonny Evans wasn’t on the bench but that lost comment just serves to prove me right. Thanks John, you ever let us down!

  4. Hal9000 says:

    How many times have we heard the phrase “could of had a hat trick” ,”could of had 4 or 5″ when describing a Berbatov performance?

  5. pete says:

    Berbatov is pure class, just don’t get the hate he gets. I just don’t think that the way united play always suits his style, but that doesn’t negate the fact that he is a top, top striker. Shame really because I don’t think we will see much of him any more.

  6. SoccerLimey says:

    i wouldn’t call myself a Berbatov hater, and I certainly don’t blame him for United’s woes as their troubles go much deeper than that. I’m just someone that doesn’t think he fits into our scheme of how we play.

    I’m a firm believer that our strength has always been pace, fast counter-attacking, and quick transition through the different areas of the field. Frankly, with Berbatov on the field, he slows us down too much. It’s difficult to compare him with either Rooney or Hernandez as they are completely different players, but one player that I think you can compare him with is Van Persie.

    Van Persie was a bit of a prima donna until this year when I think he realized that with Fabregas and Nasri gone, and Arsenal in the depths of despair, he’d better step up the pace or they were going down the tubes.

    United fans are no different to any others from the North of England. They aren’t stupid and they can see lack of effort when they see it. Berbatov’s unwillingness to chase a ball that maybe wasn’t played right to his feet is frustrating, but Ferguson knows he has one of the most skilled players in the League at his disposal.

    I’d prefer to lose him and use the cash to get another central midfielder. I think we would be better off.

  7. tony says:

    The difference is with UNITED, it’s all about scoring the important goal.We’ve alway’s had players that score the important (winning goal or goal changing moment ).The important goal was the one Berbatov missed at the end(and not for the first time)He fluffed it.

  8. Marlowe says:

    You all say Berba isn’t the type to run after or chase balls, so obviously the naysayers haven’t been watching him play when he gets a run out. He created many opportunities for other players that were not seized upon. Besides, i preferred the style of play we had last season when Berba scored so many goals. The side that didnt rely on counterattacks. Dont blame Berba, blame the injuries and players in our midfield. You can’t expect one player to take complete control of a match. Rooney can’t even be expected to do that. Which is why his goal scoring has dried up.

    Please, learn the game before you come on here

  9. Ugo says:

    I personally do not care much for Berbatov but I did feel that the Benfica match was a good match for him and it wasn’t his fault that we drew, our defence was poor and inexperienced.