Date: 4th December 2011 at 1:12pm
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Charles and Dan from The Busby Boys sat down for this week’s podcast to discuss the world of Manchester United over the past week.


One response to “Blogging Reds talk Villa, Palace and Newcastle”

  1. RedScot says:

    Thanks for sharing.Its so easy and clear too listen to Charles,Dan however it was like listening to a call from a space ship(3rd hand)Earth we have a problem.It made the conversation less enjoyable, IMO.
    Phil Jones to score, ha ha, got that one right then.Darren Bent to score also, OK!Wrong.Not a sniff did he get (hindsight eh).
    From what I can detect listening beyond the accent’s,agree on Paul Pogba.Prove yourself on the pitch.As for Paul, being the Cnut of the week, harsh on a young player.You must remember he is French(Anelka,Henry,Zidane,N’Zogbia)hardly happy, when not in the limelight. Therefore a bit arrogant and cocksure.Sir Alex, will put his arm round his shoulder and show Paul the error of his ways.If not, its only downhill for Paul, in my opinion.
    Flynn….Hear hear, the most certain “Roger Hunt” of the week.Glad I listened on a Monday morning, the profanity is