Date: 28th December 2011 at 11:27am
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As United enter the second half of the season, the sprint for the title begins.

Having caught Man City at the top of the table, United will continue breathing down City’s neck with the aims of opening a gap once we go top.

Currently United are suffering with numerous injuries, and whilst we are coping, we will need our to get our players back if we are to retain our title.

With the likes of Anderson, Ferdinand, Evans, Young, Owen and Fabio amongst the injured we will be in an infinitely better position when they are all fit but there is one player that could really make a difference.

Wigan manager, Roberto Martinez worked with Tom Cleverley last season and believes the young midfielder has what it takes to make a difference to the title race for United.

Speaking in The Sun, Martinez said:

“Tom Cleverley is a player you need to work with to understand the full package.

“The mentality he’s got is quite unique. He’s a winner and we all see what he can do.

“Tom will be refreshed – and that could be the key for United. He’s going to be fully fit and it’s going to be like having a new signing.

“He can make a big impact on the title race.”


5 responses to ““He’s going to be fully fit and it’s going to be like having a new signing.””

  1. John says:

    Hopefully getting a few players back will boost our title challenge. The likes of Rafeal, Fabio and Anderson will be needed for the 2nd half of the season, as will the other current absentees. My main concern is that every Man Utd fan is waiting for Tom Cleverley to return and that includes me. He was outstanding in the first month and looked quality. I’m hoping the pressure won’t be too much when he does finally return.

    He will hopefully return fresher for the break and just as hungry. He is definitely a Manchester United type player and one that could make a big impact. However again I worry that if we keep hying his return he won’t be able to meet the expectation. His long-term future though is in no doubt and he will be a quality midfielder for us.

  2. karlomu says:

    i,d love to see him back to where he was at the start of the season.except this time in a midfield three in front of carrick and jones ,with rooney in a kind of messi,s barca a front three of nani and one of (hernandez,welbeck or berba).then with valenca in that attacking right back position he,s proved so well at doing,along with evra bombing forward we,d could have a very dominant team.

  3. rich says:

    karlomu ..that looks to be a 12 man team!!! 5 midfielders and strikers!! mayb three in defence??

  4. Andrew says:

    Tom Cleverley is a top young player and he will be a big boost when he returns. He still has a lot to prove but he started very well. I hope he returns soon so that he can play a lot of games before the end of the season. Playing matches for Manchester United and gaining experience is what he needs.

    The ability to deal with expectation is crucial when playing for Man Utd, as is the ability to perform in big matches. Cleverley would benefit from a run like Phil Jones has enjoyed. He would also allow Jones to return to centre back and allow him to start mastering his defensive graft.

    Cleverley progress will determine a lot in regards to how the team will shape in the future. He will also determine the type of players we will try to sign. I can see Cleverley playing a pivotal role in the centre of midfield for the next few years.

    His development might mean the need for a Luka Modric type player is not so great anymore. It could lead to a more attacking playmaker like Nicolas Gaitan being targeted, as he could play in the same team as Tom Cleverley.