Date: 30th December 2011 at 11:28pm
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With so many first team players out, Sir Alex spoke to the club’s official website to give a fresh injury update. 

Injuries have been coming thick and fast for United but it appears that we will be seeing faces back in the next few weeks, encouraging especially with the run of fixtures coming up.

Nemanja Vidic had surgery earlier this week and despite his injury being a long term one, Sir Alex bore good news in regards to his captain.

Speaking to the club’s site, Sir Alex said,

 “He had surgery on Wednesday and came through fine.

“They didn’t remove anything at all, everything’s clear, but it’s a cruciate so it’ll be next season.”

There was further good news too:

“Anderson’s coming on great,” he said. “He’s showing great progress. He’s trained well. We’re just monitoring him, because he still has to do a lot of work in the gymnasium, but he’s coming along.

“Fabio Da Silva’s not far away, he should be back in maybe 10 days. The centre-backs (Chris Smalling and Jonny Evans) aren’t long-term – they should be available in the next week or two.”

The only downer came in regards to midfielder Tom Cleverley and striker Michael Owen.

Cleverley was making serious waves prior to picking up an ankle injury and with Sir Alex stating he is “still nowhere near” returning, his absence will continue to be felt,

“Cleverley’s a massive loss.

“He, to my mind, is probably the best midfield player in Britain, potentially. He has fantastic promise, so it’s a loss to us.”


24 responses to “Bad news on the Cleverley front as Sir Alex gives injury update”

  1. didi says:

    “He, to my mind, is probably the best midfield player in Britain, potentially. He has fantastic promise, so it’s a loss to us…”

    even SAF could see how important he is..get well soon cleverley..:(

  2. Andrew says:

    I feel we are doomed not to have a top class midfielder this season. Cleverley injury is definitely a blow and its bad news over his update. I agree with Ferguson that potentially Cleverley is one of the top midfielder’s in the country.

    Hopefully it isn’t too long until he returns to the football pith. I feel sorry for the lad as he has waited so patiently for his opportunity, and typically injury gets in his way. He will return though and hopefully fully recovered this time. He is the first of the trio of midfielder’s I want to see coming through, the other two being Pogba and Morrison.

  3. steve says:

    thats not gud at all, bt worse stil management doesnt seem to want to sign replacements i can trully understand wen evra sayz its beginin to get annoying!!,sem thing rooney highlighted last season! “united must show cause and sign players! we r not orphans!this club generates funds !thoz players mek money 4 this club and they nid to b supported not asked to multi task alltym to cover managements failures!!!!!

    • Robbo says:

      Wow you sound like an illiterate cunt

      • Robbo says:

        How you can question SAF and his decisions is beyond me. He has rebuilt team after team and despite our obvious weaknesses in CM we are joint top and just beginning to hit top form. If we bought somebody like sneijder then it would halt pogba and Morrison who are potentially two of the biggest stars to come from our academy! What if Fergie had bought ronaldinho the established star and not plucked a young boy called ronaldo from Lisbon…leave the decisions to SAF and just sit back and enjoy the results. We all want the best for our club…but anyone who thinks Fergie and his ‘managent failures’ aren’t the best for the club has absolutely no clue about football or our great club

        • eric the king says:

          Why abuse thus guy for having an opinion, we all have one.
          Mine is that the sir Alex knows best brigade(also known as take the fans for mugs,say we don’t need to buy anyone,rather than admit the gimps have pissed the pot of gold up the wall in interest payments), are the ones helping the glazers bleed the club dry by letting them get away with it.
          When has Alex never wanted to sign the most expensive players? With the exception of berba, since about 2005.
          It’s not like he can come out in the open & publicly slate them, with them as his paymasters, doesn’t mean everyone has to take his word as gospel.
          Oh, & anyone who can’t see we’ve needed a top centre midfielder for over 2 years, been getting away with it in an average league since then, & that the likes of gibbo are what a team with the possible income(before glazer tax), & that bundling all our hopes on a all be it fairly promising kid in Cleverley after a handful of first team games, is a bloody idiot.

  4. Norman says:

    I love cleverley to bits, and have said for many seasons that he will be the best thing out of Manchester since scholes, but as I said at the beginning of the season, we cannot rely on him to save us because unfortunately he has had a bad history with injuries, and I knew he could pick up a bad injury and be set back, which is why we should have signed someone to cover the loss, why we did not move for Parker is beyond me, he’s playing the best football of his life for spurs, he was extremely cheap compared to other top players, at 5.5mill, and at 32 he is the perfect age so as to not ruin the chances of youth coming through for many years

  5. Kashere2011 says:

    Sad to hear that Tom isn’t in a state of returning soon,coz i like the footballing style of the lad.we miss him alot.The best solution now is for saf to dip into the window and get sneijder,next week,but i don’t know maybe there is still no value in the market.The fact is that United desperately need a creative cm player,with the quality of the Netherland int’ fergie most accept the fact and buy him. GGMU.

  6. timbo says:

    Yeah well, let’s consider what put him out in the first place and how little protection United’s players have had from referees in recent times. Look at Nani last year with Liverpool’s resident thug and the manner in which Gerrard tried pulling him up from the ground when he had a serious injury. Look at Chelsea’s Luiz and how he could have had two red cards in a game for all the vicious fouls that went unpunished. Cleverly got stamped earlier this season, Jones copped a deliberate elbow to the face which received no penalty. Finally, when Carrick copped an elbow in the face, the player got sent off – only to have the decision rescinded! Watch the replay in slow motion and it’s clear the contact was both deliberate, high, and with the elbow, not the hand.

  7. Well 4 me i tink wot was happening in Manu now is wot has been comon wit d club. Plz signing dis n dat play has neva bin a yardstick 4 d club winning d league. If SAF has refused deeping in d january window. I tink he has a solution 2 dat

  8. Harry says:

    It is a sad news 4 me and he is d player everyone has been waiting 4,cleverley was the key to man utd success at the begining of the season , they shud just go on wit it,and sign apotential midfielder like sneijder, modric or better still harzard

  9. jarul says:

    how you can say the best midfielder in britain
    he only play two or three game even he dont score

  10. steve says:

    robbo,am redy to b an iiletert cunt 4 sayn the obvious! mayb rooney evra r also koz they share m view! play the futbo,why buy de gea yet amos z present lets not halt hz devt and sel de gea!u thnk every 1 ths sturred 4 united haz bin fro the academy!roy kean, andy cole,ferdinand,rooney,carrik,vidic etc,why dint we let academy kids play then!u thnk thy want there? abt questionin fergie!u sound lyk the fa abt the refs!fergiz alwayz questionin them koz hiz got brainz hz not akid so perhaps u nid to growup! n ths wald men r questiond!jst luk round

    • ayobami says:

      Its a pity u can’t even construct basic simpl sentence…go back and read your post amd make fun of yourself…if fergusson is not buying, then he has a solution to the problem, we are not city and we don’t run to the market when a problem arises
      @jarul did u read the post at all, fergir said he’s the best in britain in terms of potential, remove the darkness in ur eyes or maybe get a recommended glasses…

    • Zoidberg says:

      “why buy de gea yet amos z present lets not halt hz devt and sel de gea!”

      Can anybody translate this into English?