Date: 17th January 2012 at 2:49am
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He did it when Man City faced Liverpool earlier this month and then apologised claiming it was in the heat of the moment.

He then proceeded to accuse Wayne Rooney of doing it in order to get Vincent Kompany sent off in the derby but tonight as Man City took on Wigan, Roberto Mancini got his imaginary card out again trying to convince Martin Atkinson to send off Maynor Figueroa.

Whilst it was a red card offence, it is a bit hypocritical to accuse Rooney of influencing the official and getting Kompany sent then attempting the same thing.

For shame Roberto!


6 responses to “PHOTO: Mancini Still Doing His Card Tricks”

  1. TedK says:

    Even as a fellow Red, i must say i think you’re missing the point. Surely you can see that one action leads to another.

    Gareth Barry was, in Mancini’s opinion, harshly sent off against Liverpool. He then asked for a bit of consistancy by expecting the same ref to send off the defender who fouled Yaya Toure for the pen.

    Vincent Kompany was then harshly sent off in the Cup game. Mancini clearly feels harshly done by, and perhaps rightly so. He’s only asking the question of referees because he sees inconsistancies, and other people (Rooney) getting away with asking officials to book players.

    He shouldnt do it, neither should Rooney, or anyone else, but i can see his point. Hypocrite? Not really.

    Besides, the English obsession with people doing this is a bit idiotic. We seem to think that people verbally asking referees to card players is fine, but that one hand gesture makes you completely ungentlemanly. Not sure i agree.

    • The Red Knight says:

      Don’t think I’m missing the point at all rather as a fellow red you are justifying his actions.

      Barry was harshly sent off IN HIS OPINION as you stated, the ref made his decision. He attempted to influence the ref when Toure was fouled by waving his card but in the following game took umbrage with Rooney apparently doing the same (he didn’t wave a card).

      To say ‘one action leads to another’ is incredibly apologetic and football doesn’t work like that. It’s like when someone says x got away with a foul earlier so y should have got away with a foul now.
      You judge each incident individually, at least that’s how I look at it.

      No point has been missed, he knows what he was doing thus he apologised after doing it against Liverpool. I have spotted his hypocrisy.

  2. kamal says:

    Fully agree with tedk…even i m a utd fan….hate to say it but mancini turning up to a one of best current manager in epl..nd everybody should gv him credit nd respect wht he deserve

  3. sitesired says:

    He is as guilty of all he accuses SAF of and a bit more ! For those who forget United have had to take a few suspect decisions on the chin.

  4. nippy says:

    Mancini has done everything right so far, he has assembled a good squad of players, taken a couple of punts and has got his squad playing well for each other. This card waving thing seems to be the only blot on his name at the moment

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