Date: 26th January 2012 at 4:41pm
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and his Manchester team mates make an FA Cup trip to Anfield on Saturday after an impressive victory over in the Premier League last weekend.

The Champions stand in captain, who was involved in a racism row with Liverpool’s in their last meeting leading to the Kop striker’s eight match ban, is expected to receive a hostile reception at Anfield.

has already indicated he has no problem fielding the French international and former defender supports the idea.


“Patrice should definitely play, 100 percent. There will be a backlash, but he did nothing wrong so why should he not play? He is experienced enough and old enough to deal with it. It won’t be the first time he’s been verbally attacked. If you cannot deal with it then you are never going to make a career for yourself.

“Patrice is at Manchester playing in the Premier League and is French international. He has proved he is able to stand up to all the outside pressures that have been heaped on him as he’s built his career.

“It is not right you have to put up with racial abuse, but I am sure it has happened to him in the past. I don’t think playing at Anfield after what has gone on will bother him.

“There will always be something else around the corner, and if you keep worrying about something then you will fold and disappear.”