Date: 3rd February 2012 at 12:35pm
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With John Terry being stripped of the England captaincy, former captain Rio Ferdinand has ruled out a return to his previous position.

Ferdinand took over when Terry was initially stripped in February 2010, but had the captaincy taken off him and handed back to Terry just over a year later.

This caused somewhat of a rift between Ferdinand and Capello and in ruling himself out of the running, he alluded to it.

Speaking on Twitter, Ferdinand announced:

“I don’t want to be england captain after the last episode, just want to concentrate on playin(sic) for utd & if I make the squad then as ever I’ll be delighted”


2 responses to “Ferdinand doesn’t want England captaincy”

  1. RedScot says:

    Let me say firstly, England has no ‘real’ interest to me.Naturally during the Euros in Poland and Ukraine, I will want them to win or go as far as they can.Who else would I support,Germany?.I am Scottish, most of the United’s players play for England in the majority of cases.
    I respect the manner although not the ‘medium’that Rio has alledgedly announced his decision not to be England captain.
    I respect that he does not allude to any reason for this decision either.Nor should we in my opinion.
    Just accept it is a football choice to extend his football career.
    However I truly think(easy for me to say)that Rio should ideally hang-up his England boots.
    Likely he would not travel anyway.So probably just diplomacy on Rio’s part.
    Aka Paul Scholes,Ji sung Park, Dimitar Berbatov.
    Extend his football life,at the source of his income, where he has enjoyed fantastic rewards, in terms of medals,set-up for life and fantastic friends and support through his various ‘hiccups’ through-out his United life.

  2. Andrew says:

    Ferdinand has made the right move to exclude himself from the captaincy issue. He was treated with a lot of disrespect by Capello the last time he was captain. Credit to him for remaining available to England because other players would have retired. I doubt anyone would have blamed him for quitting after the captaincy fiasco. This summer would be his last tournament, so whether he goes or not, I’m sure he will retire from England in the July.