Date: 9th February 2012 at 3:46pm
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A decent podcast here with a lot of ranting and incoherent babbling from me, as Charles and I look at the game against Chelsea and the upcoming game against Liverpool.

Amongst all that there is time for us to air our views on the Chelsea fans treatement of Rio, his handling of the situation, Liverpool’s approach to the whole Suarez/Evra debacle as well as looking and Kenneth and Suarez individually.

You can tell there will be a lot of foaming at the mouth in this one!

As always there is time for some Scholes love, De Ge appreciation and a whole bunch of other stuff!


One response to “Podcast: Blogging Reds Discuss Chelsea, Liverpool, Racism & Suarez”

  1. RedScot says:

    I am going to title this podcast.
    “Da ya na wit I mean” lol.
    Seriously, great listen gents.
    My MOM for the Chelsea game, simply because of the abuse our young keeper has taken over the last few Gea, MOM.
    Some fans I think forget he was the United official site, player of the month for November.
    Followed closely by Wayne Rooney and Howard
    My other main point and the disgusting topic, we have debated, thought over, witnessed slanging matches , back and fro.
    I think this was Liverpool’s heirarchy’s fault from the onset of this debacle.As soon as this happened, the Liverpool board should have appointed a trained media specialist in handling such serious matters.
    Dalglish as we know is a football manager, not the appropriate club employee to navigate through the murky areas, that followed.It simply got worse and worse.As if they wanted to keep adding fuel to the ‘firestorm’.
    Again in my humble opinion Liverpool and Chelsea have made huge rods for their backs, in mal-handling this sensitive subject.
    It always appeared to me a lose -lose situation for them.Which they managed, by not managing it, to compound it.
    The fans of all rival clubs,will show John Terry and Luis Suarez, what they infact think of them.
    When Chelsea and Liverpool, vacate their ‘home-support’.
    The general public, know right from wrong, in the main.
    Like it Charlie, Jonny Evans to break his goal scoring duck for United against Liverpool. ha ha.
    The power of positive thinking my man.
    Finally and there is always a but.:)
    Would United have got back in the game at Stamford Bridge had Jose Mourhino or Carlo Ancelotti been in charge.?
    A lesson he will learn.Thank you Andres Villas-Boas.:)