Date: 11th February 2012 at 5:17pm
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The Patrice Evra/Luis Suarez saga continued today at Old Trafford and I think it’s fair to say this round went to Evra.

We all hoped that it would be the game grabbing the headlines in tomorrow’s papers but Suarez ensured this wouldn’t happen when he refused to shake Evra’s hand at the start of the game.

Suarez would grab a late consolation goal for Liverpool but ultimately it would be Evra that celebrated as United ran out 2-1 winners, coincidentally Luis Suarez happened to be right beside him as he went to revel in the victory with the fans!

 Courtesy of Erics_Collar


26 responses to “GIF: Sweet Revenge For Paddy Evra”

  1. United says:

    If only the evra tackle in the first 30 Seconds hiT suarez instead of Rio. Just to show him whos the boss !!

  2. RedDevils says:

    Suarez racially abused evra and he accepted that after denying it initially. So evra didn’t lied. If any Liverpool fan comes up and say “evra lied” then they are living in their self created world where no one can question their arrogance.
    As for the battle…suarez refused to shake hands with evra which is disgrace..evra tried to cool it down but it was suarez who started everything…as for the game then way he went down when rio tackled him perfectly from behind…he tried to get rio sent off…that’s what he’s best at…and then as soon as the final whistle was blown lost all his cool…he’s a pathetic pig…he’s ruining the name of LFC and i’m surprised that their fans are behind him…just because he play for them and racially abused one of the players who who play for their biggest rival team?, Hypocrisy.

    As for the performance…let’s face it…it was Liverpool’s worst performance under Daglish…United were stunning and deserved it…we’ll take the title race down the wire!

    Liverpool…no way they can get into the top 4 now…

  3. Neutral says:

    You know what you are,
    Know what you areeee,
    Luis Suarez,
    You know what you are..

    Kicking off at evra celebrating at home – Jesus, grasping at straws lads…

    It’s never you fault,
    Never your faulllllllllt,
    Always the victims,
    It’s never your fault…

    Liverpool fc, driving racism back into football – well done..

  4. MANCUNIAN says:

    Is it just me or did Luis Suarez did not want to “touch” Evra by any means ? I mean I would have confronted Evra celebrating like that infront of me like Reina did.

  5. 3PhDs says:

    Why the uproar about Suarez not shaking Evra’s black (politically correct) hand? The FA of England on behalf of all English people condoned racism by stopping ALL handshakes in the QPR v Chelsea pre-match build-up.

  6. malvachat says:

    Despite what some the Liverpool fans think and say.
    The clubs owners know what’s right and proper.
    Full apologies from both Suarez & Dalglish.

    Please all you Liverpool fans take your blinkers off.