Date: 15th April 2012 at 11:47am
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The loss of Nemanja Vidic back in December was could have had a huge impact on our title aspirations.

Damaging cruciate ligaments in his knee against Basle, Vidic was ruled out for the season leaving a massive hole in the center of our defence.

One of the finest defenders in the world, it was assumed that United would struggle in his absence but it hasn’t been the case as Jonny Evans stepped up and, beside Rio Ferdinand, has done his best to soften the blow of Vidic’s absence.

Of all of our young centerbacks few assumed that it would be Evans that would rise to the occasion, but his performances have been exemplary and Sir Alex believes he is now arguably the best defender in the country as he told United Review:

“I must admit my heart sank a little when I learned just how long Nemanja Vidic was going to be out.

“He and Rio Ferdinand had become the cornerstone of our defence but Rio responded brilliantly, despite his back problem, and has now struck up a fine partnership with Jonny Evans.

“Jonny came to us from Belfast when he was 12 or 13, always exceptionally talented but gangly with physical issues growing up.

“We had him out on loan with Antwerp and Sunderland and now we are seeing the value of nurturing him.

“There is no doubt he has been helped playing alongside the experience of Rio and he is now arguably the best defender in the country.”


8 responses to ““He is now arguably the best defender in the country.””

  1. face it says:

    yeah you mean coming to terms that you let pique go and now he has a hat trick of champions league while evans has been almost a defender?when will you learn first pique,then fraizer instead of welbeck and sheasy(imo we would not have beeen walloped 6-1 by city had we had sheasy instead of a hole in the defense dude who gave away that penalty)by the look of things you benched chicharito 4 too long he has forgotten where the net is(now possibly chicharito might decide to leave!!!just keep clinging onto ingerland players and ignoring the fact that scholesy and possibly wilshere are the real talents ingerland will ever have)

    • Chudi says:

      That’s a very long sentence mate, I didn’t understand half of it

    • lloyd says:

      why dont you go and support another team you clearly know jack shit about football let alone MUFC. If you did you would know and understand the reasons why Pigue left…if it was left to you SAF would break up the best club defensive pairing to accomodate a youngster….and if we are to believe your inane ramblings it is because of Pique why Barca have won three champions leagues …nothing to with the fact they have the most amazing team come together at teh right time…..pillock

  2. Matt says:

    @face it what you talking about you bell!? Pique wanted to go.

  3. timbo says:

    @face it. Talk about a rambling and nonsensical post – what are you smoking? Ever heard of proper grammar and punctuation? Piquet, for your information, could not get a look in at the time, given that Vidic and Ferdinand had become the defensive rock for United. Secondly, the fact that Piquet happens to play behind the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, and of course Messi might have a little something to do with those European wins you mentioned – with the kind of talent on offer at Barcelona, Evans would doubtless have picked up as many European championship wins had he been in the team in place of Piquet. It simply boils down to circumstance, not forgetting that part of the logic in letting Piquet go was that he didn’t have the speed or agility to deal with the pace of EPL football.

  4. triffon says:

    pique was sold because at the time we had the best defensive pairing on the planet, and he wanted to return home. he also was unable to cope with speedy players(which basically all epl strikers are). pato showed us exactly why pique was sold, and pique wouldn’t be half the player everyone thinks he is without Barcelona superstars there to support him.

  5. Chongo says:

    This SAF belief, not biblical truth. B…s..t