Date: 15th April 2012 at 6:10pm
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It appears that Newcastle’s Ryan Taylor was less than impressed with the decision to award Manchester United a penalty today.

Ashley Young was again at the center of controversy as he exaggerated contact from Ciaran Clark to earn Manchester United a penalty after 6 minutes. Coming just a week after the penalty against QPR, Ryan Taylor took to his Twitter account to have a go at Young before deleting the tweet.

But we caught it!

There was no need for such exaggeration from Young but there was contact and it was definitely a penalty. Ben Hibbs summed up the situation up best when he tweeted:

There’s contact, Young exaggerates. Diving isn’t always solely motivated by desire to cheat. If impeded & stay on feet, do you get a pen?


14 responses to “PICTURE: Ryan Taylor Reacts Angrily To Young’s ‘Dive’”

  1. Michael says:

    It is a difficult one but if I’m honest I think Young goes down to theatrically which does him no favours. He has a reputation but that was before he joined Man Utd. It’s only in the last week that I’ve seen him do this for Man Utd.

    It was a penalty and it’s true that had he not maybe gone down in that way, then a penalty might not have been given. I think he should do his best to not to exaggerate the fall so much. It was a penalty but he doesn’t need to do that.

    Young has to realise that he plays for Man Utd and anything you do is made bigger than if another player did the same. Players are diving every week but because Young plays for Man Utd it will be made bigger. Ben Arfa dived against us at Old Trafford and won a penalty and a point, but Ryan Taylor doesn’t tweet that. The media also don’t care as much because he plays for Newcastle.

  2. Ben says:

    DIVERS!! Enjoy your dirty title…

  3. lloyd says:

    we will thank you…

  4. Casp NCL says:

    it maybe was a pen but football needs a change in direction for all or cheating will continue the FA need to move to the year 2012 and punish cheats/divers. anyone who cheats or who thinks its ok to cheat is a XXXX and by the way its cheating not simulation.

  5. jetelinho says:

    … & this is said by some1 so small that he DOESN´T SEE THE wirst IN HIS OWN = BEN ARF-ROG … so u better SHUT IT, idiot/Taylor

    • casp NCL says:

      What do you not get idiot i said all cheats (for the thick one i mean all cheats!!!!!!). Idiot

  6. RedDevils says:

    I think taylor have a personal issue with young. As far as i remember yesterday was the only the second time in his united career when he earned a controversial foul….and taylor is speaking as if young dives here and there…why young…why isn’t he writing about suarez?…surely suarez is the biggest diver in English football….why isn’t he writing about bale?
    and agree…young exaggerated…there was contact…he didn’t “dived”…anyone remember caroll’s dive vs Newcastle United at the sports direct arena recently?…that was a DIVE!
    So taylor…just SHUT UP!

  7. Jack says:

    Ashley Young is the biggest diver on the planet. FACT. Man U won crooked games at QPR, West Brom and drew at Chelsea due to dives resulting in penalties.

    One day when honor and honesty are seen as important values in this society Fergie and his crooks will be seen with the indignation they deserve. Along with all the corrupt referees and pundits that aid such ‘big clubs’.

    • Rich says:

      Haha Jack you sound real angry buddy, did Young or Sir Alex sleep with your bird?

      Biggest diver on the planet? Bore off please

  8. Jack says:

    I for one am not watching football or taking it as seriously as I used to.

    I would rather watch a sport that isn’t as fixed such as WWE