Date: 24th May 2012 at 7:47pm
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Eden Hazard is doing his very best to ensure he is the name on the lips of every person in the football world this summer.

His transfer away from Lille is already hot news, and the fact he continually leaks tidbits in regards to his future club means that his transfer could very well be the biggest of the summer.

A decision was apparently due in the next fortnight, but Hazard has denied this whilst claiming that his choice will be based solely on the betterment of his career.

Many had thought the lure of Man City’s billions would see him turn up in the blue part of Manchester, but Hazard is more interested in how much playing time he will see as he told HLN:

“I do not know when I’ll make a decision about my future club but it will be Manchester City, Manchester United or Chelsea.”

“My decision will depend on my position and how much playing time I will get. Not everyone can say that they have a choice between three top clubs.”


12 responses to ““Not everyone can say that they have a choice between three top clubs.””

  1. PK says:

    Clearly a sign he’s joining us :p

  2. Bill says:

    I wish we sign him but can’t we it happening

  3. Philitex says:

    Pls Hazard forget about money creat history like C ronaldo ,but if want money join city,for games join utd meet like rooney,nani ,jones d are young players lyk u.

  4. Jux says:

    If it’s based on position and game time then Utd would be his last choice. We can’t offer him the no. 10 role nor can we garantee he’ll start every game on the wings ahead of Valencia, nani and young.
    He would fit perfectly into city’s 4-2-3-1 unfortunately. alongside Nasri and silva. Especially if Tevez leaves.

    • Chudi says:

      Mancini said Tevez is going nowhere, pretty sure we could make space for him in the side!

  5. Andrew says:

    In France the press are saying the Hazard has chosen to join Man Utd. It would be a great and probably unexpected signing for the fans. I can see him getting the free role in our team behind Rooney. In fact I can see our formation being very different next season, especially if we can sign Hazard and Kagawa. If they both arrive then we will play a different style.

  6. Rafael says:

    I am gonna buy his shirt if in devil on the pitch..HAZARD XX!! sounds cool

  7. Rafael says:

    His shirts will sell a lot coz of his deadly name..i gues even non utd fans wud also buy it..gr8 investment on pitch nd off it.

  8. RedDevils says:

    He’s surely getting the number 7 jersey if he joins United. Along with rooney, welbeck(or hernandez), nani and valencia, we will be just amazing up in front. If he joins city then it will be sad. That will mean just one thing. That he only cares about Money. He has a greater chance of joining Chelsea because of their champions league triumph. Hope he joins us, The history makers!

  9. MUdslinger606 says:

    I’m not sure about Hazard. Where would he fit in the starting 11? He says he likes to play 10, so I can’t see him scurrying around on the wings. Don’t we already have a number 10 who, by all accounts, had a pretty decent last season?

    Most news outlets price him in at around 30mil and a fucking huge wage to boot (assuming disparity of what we’d offer him can’t possibly be so much different from Chelsea or City). Isn’t there better ways to spend the cash for a more effective midfield composition? For hard graft and possession a Javi Martinez type player and with any luck, Kagawa?

    Not sure what Hazard would offer that the Dortmund player doesn’t…. :s

  10. Adam says:

    Eden Hazard is exactly the kind of exciting X-Factor that our team needs. I’m sure Ferguson doing his best to sign him and the fact that we are competing is a good sign. Hazard is perfect for the vacated number 7 shirt.

    He wants to play a more attacking and central role. Its a position that I feel is available for him at Man Utd. I can see him playing behind Rooney, possibly alongside Shinji Kagawa if he can be signed as well. The creative burden will be released from Rooney so that he can focus on scoring goals.