Date: 28th May 2012 at 8:19pm
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Another day, another Eden Hazard soundbite.

The Belgian midfielder took to Twitter this morning to state that he had finally made up his decision in regards to which English club he would be joining, but is he really sure?

Hazard has flirted with almost every big team in Europe (and some small ones *cough* Liverpool *cough*) but thankfully @FootballFunnys have been on hand to capture every flirtation.

Eden you little tease you, all this time I thought you only had eyes for us!


18 responses to “Picture: The Madness Of Eden Hazard In Quotes”

  1. Richard says:

    There’s a lot of frustrating and disappointment over Hazard choice to join Chelsea. It’s annoying but we have to hope Ferguson will still make strong signings for us. We can still make signings that can excite the fans, but we have to realise that we cannot compete with the money of Chelsea or Man City and the wages they offer.

    I would be happy is Shinji Kagawa arrives and hopefully now we will try and sign James Rodriguez from FC Porto. Rodriguez is a special talent like Hazard, but is just a bit younger and less known. He has already played in Portugal, Argentina and Colombia and he’s only 21. He would fit in at Man Utd perfectly and is someone we should be trying to sign now. I’ve heard rumours of a bid of 20 million euro plus Anderson being rejected. Hopefully its a start and a deal can be agreed.

    I saw Crewe yesterday and Nick Powell scored a special goal and underlined his potential. I’m not saying he will excite the fans like Hazard, but he would be a good signing and he is only 18 years old and English.

  2. Valentine says:

    He is jst a glory hunter

  3. MUdslinger606 says:

    Not exactly disappointed and to those who doubt it, in terms of CL pedigree and recent successes Dortmund are a much bigger club than Lille and with any luck we’ll be getting one of their best players relatively cheaply. I’d be perfectly happy if Kagawa were our ‘marquee’ signing, especially Kagawa’s stats stand up well against Hazard’s.

    I’ve commented before that I can’t see how we’d fit three number 10s in Kagawa, Hazard and Rooney in the same team since you’d still need to find a solution in midfield. Get Kagawa and a J.Martinez/Axel Witsel type player and I’ll be a reasonably happy bunny.

  4. bagambe says:

    yes according to all roomers that speculate about Hazard,he might join the blues,but let him look at what Fernando sager was at Chelsae,they bought him at a high cost,they have been accusing him a the extent that they even wanted to sell him!!!their coaches are changing on daily basis,so my advise is this to Hazard:consider every thing not just because they worn champions L,MR,Alex F can transform you the way you don’t expect,the club with its name is enough to make you a star.we have a lot of talented younger players whom you will glow with in next like ten years,please Hazard be careful about this issue.all the best.look forward to see you in the attacking position with MR,Waza.

  5. JB says:

    The guys a prick simple as, there’s no way the Manager would of been impressed by his antics and media driven attitude. He will fit right in at Chelsea with the rest of the big ego’s they already have. What’s funny is that for all his supposed football driven reasons his going to a club that doesn’t even have an official manager as of yet so? I’m not saying he’s overhyped but I’m not sure he’s this potential world star that he’s made out to be either. He scored 20 goals this season 10 were penalties and a couple of games he scored 2 or more so is it really that impressive considering the league’s not one of the best? I’ve seen him playing for Belgium a few times and he hasn’t really impressed. He could turn out to be fantastic but equally struggle to adapt to a stronger league so I guess we’ll see.

  6. MUdslinger606 says:

    This time last year it was Alexis Sanchez, hardly set the world on fire last season… Beware the hype.

  7. prince says:

    Everybody be rest assured because i can tell you authoritatively now that Hazard is a Manchester Bound… Live the stories alone and lets hear from the horses mouth.

  8. John says:

    Superbe. Je ne connaissais pas cela, maintenant je serais moins bete en allant me coucher ce soir.