Date:30th May 2012 at 3:21pm
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Reports from Spain are claiming that PSG are ready to offer €150m for the services of Wayne Rooney.

PSG are financially strong having been taken over by the Qatari Investment Authorities, and they wasted no time flexing their muscles by signing Argentine midfielder Javier Pastore.

Despite their financial position they were pipped to the title by Montpellier on the last day of the season, so they are expected to make a statement in the transfer market with a marquee signing.

With Champions League football secured they will need to strengthen and it is being said that one of the players they have their eyes on Wayne Rooney.

At the moment this is just a rumour (emanating from Spain of all places!) but hypothetically speaking, if this was proven to be true and we could sell Rooney for £95m (the rest of the money in the fee quoted goes to paying his wages over 5 years), would you be happy for United to do so?

Ronaldo went for an astronomical £80m so £95m would be brilliant business but at the same time Rooney works at United. Before that contract saga I would have said he is United, but despite that unfortunate occurrence he works and there are few players that would be able to ‘fit’ United the way he does.

If the majority of the money was guaranteed to be reinvested in the team would you be willing to let Wayne go? Vote in the poll below and feel free to leave reasons for and against in the comments below.

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21 responses to “How would you deal with this Rooney situation?”

  1. Red Mick says:

    Hmmm….. tough one!!

    If the full amount was to be re-invested in the playing squad…. then it would probably be beneficial….. £95m would get you RVP, Bale and Modric… Or Neymar and Falcao as a brand new attack!! But Wazza is Wazza… and he is ours!!!

    I really don’t know!!!

  2. Nip says:

    Where’s the Ronaldo money? Enough said.

  3. Mr.Special says:

    Oh hellz no, Wayne is ‘united’
    The whole transfer saga unfolded because he was frustrated with the glazers not investing more and like the person above said, where is the ronaldo money?
    He would have left if he didn’t believe in the club anymore. He works for the club day in, day out and also brings so much revenue and fanbase. No point in selling him.

  4. Andymanc says:

    If the full amount was made available for transfers then I’d take the money in a flash.£95 million would buy 3 or 4 World-class players,but as Nips says,the Ronaldo money was all in the transfer kitty too!

  5. United says:

    Well its clear what everyone is saying. A world class player such as Ronaldo departed and we got a mediocre replacement in Valencia. Sorry to sAy so but he doesnt score 40+ goals in a season.

    Unless we sell Rooney and use the money to buy back Ronaldo then maybe…. Although it doesnt seem likely.

  6. GAZZARO says:

    United currently, with all enormous DEBT created by the Glazers, have no money to compete for the signature of all top class players. If PSG really offer 120-150 million for Rooney, sadly we may have to say YES to their offer.

    I strongly believe that most of United fans all hate the Glazers. However, SAF keep saying that they (the Glazers) are good for the club. That’s not what United’s supporter think or believe. Above all, I believe that if we sell Rooney, the Glazers will not allow SAF to use all of the funds for new signings, as they will use some for their own debts.

    However, if SAF can use 80-100 millions for 2-3 top class players. Selling Rooney and then bring in Neymar to play alongside Welbeck. Then sign Modric to control our midfield. After that SAF may have enough fund left for another good signing. Then next season our new team may look more exciting.

  7. Jack says:

    its a big offer but 1) its probably just press bs and 2) will we get to spend it on new players or will it go into the glazers pockets

    i would sell him for a very silly offer, say £150m+
    but only if fergie got to use the cash as he wants and had the deals ready to be signed the same day Wayne moves.

  8. Alan says:

    We still wouldn’t have a pot to piss in.

    Correct, Mr. Glazer????

  9. bruce thomas says:

    Kill the Glazers

  10. Matt Milford says:

    Wayne Rooney is a Manchester United player, we should be building a squad around him. Lets not forget we got £80M for another player we shouldnt have sold. Success is what tour club is about and selling our best players results only in trophyless seasons which I certainly dont like!