Date: 6th June 2012 at 10:09am
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Yesterday morning Manchester United announced the signing of Shinji Kagawa, subject to the player obtaining a work permit and passing a medical.

United’s interest in Kagawa was confirmed when Sir Alex flew to Germany to watch his side Dortmund beat Bayern Munich in the German Cup final, and Kagawa also flew to Manchester for talks with Sir Alex in regards to a move, but yesterday United announced that they had got their man.

Kagawa, who is still way on international duty as Japan prepare to face Jordan on Friday, was coy on the situation and attempted to duck questions on the matter before saying:

“I haven’t put pen to paper yet,” Kagawa said. “We still have two more games to play, and the entire team is focused on these qualifiers.

“I’ll talk about all of this once I’m done here. I hope people will understand.”

Whilst Kagawa was tight lipped others in the Japanese camp were more forthcoming and congratulated their team mate on his move.

CSKA Moscow midfielder Keisuke Honda, a player United had been linked with in the past, said:

“Shinji deserves to be playing for a top club. He belongs.

“I hope he does well.”

Talented Arsenal midfielder Ryo Miyaich was quick to praise his country man, and backed him to shine at Manchester United despite the magnitude of the job he faces. He told Kyodo News:

“Kagawa can keep the ball in the smallest of spaces and is a quick decision-maker.

“He can play there for sure.

“He’s Japan’s No. 10, and I think he’ll be able to perform even at a glamorous side like Manchester United.”


24 responses to “Players React To The Kagawa Transfer”

  1. Peter says:

    I remember a few fans saying after we lost out on Hazard that Man Utd couldn’st sign players that excite the fans anymore. I would say that anyone who has seen this boy play will be excited by his arrival to Manchester United.

    He is a terrific little player and exactly what we need. TI’ve been hamemring in for a couple of years that what we need is intelligent players that know how to use the ball. Kagawa is exacly that kind of player. The technical ability if terrific but his decision making and eye for a pass is what will make him a star for us.

  2. GAZZARO says:

    I’m one of many United fans who believe that United can no longer compete for the signature of top class players like Yaya Toure, Silva, Nasri, or Hazard. Kagawa is a good player but one of the main reason that we can get this lad is simply because there is NO competition for his signature from other big clubs like City, Chelsea, etc.

    I’m sure that most of the fan, including SAF will prefer a move for Hazard and SAF is rated Kagawa as a second plan really. Kagawa is a good player and his arriving will definetely improve the strength of our squad as none of the current midfielders (Central Midfielder) can be rated as top class players (Scholes and Giggs used to be but their time has gone really).

    The bottom line is Kagawa alone will definitely NOT enough for United if we want our trophy back. We’ve got to accept the fact that if we want to beat City and Chelsea, SAF will have to sign at least 1 more TOP CLASS midfielder. Additionally, if Nani go, the signing of another winger and a striker (replace Berbatov and Owen) should be implemented.

    • ChrisW says:

      I think Kagawa is top class. He decided that he wanted to come to the Premiership, so that eliminated competition for his signature from Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern or Italian clubs. City don’t need him as they have Silva and Nasri already. Arsenal were interested but are even tighter with their money than us. So it was just between us and Chelsea.

      Chelsea preferred Hazard, but I’m not sure they made the right choice. Hazard was more expensive because he has more than a year left on his contract and for Chelsea money is no object, but that doesn’t mean he is better.

    • jimjamtheRED says:

      I agree with you about United ability to compete with likes of Chelsie or ManShity no longer exists. Kagawa is not a household name that is why there was no competition to sign him.

      But i am delighted to acquire Kagawa simply because players like this can work their socks off and give you 110% just like when Park used to provide when on fine form.

      Well he is no Messi or Ronaldo, but surely the prospects are good on this boy. lets wait and see.

      • ChrisW says:

        I think Kagawa is a lot more than just a worker. Kagawa is cheap because people can’t get their head around the idea that asian players can be more than just workers. If Kagawa was European or South American he’d cost more. I think we’ve got ourselves a bargain.

    • Norman says:

      GAZZARO, mate, if you want to watch Nasri, Toure and Silva play so badly, why not just go and support City? You never know, they might spunk another £100m up the wall this summer on superstars that are great on fifa for you to drool over.

      Just a quick point…

      Torres to Chelsea- £50m. 67 games, 12 goals.

      Carrol to Liverpool- £35m. 56 games, 11 goals.

      Hernandez to United- £8m. 81 games, 32 goals!

      The price tag has got nothing to do with it, if you find the right players. And although everyone points to the likes of Bebe, Sir Alex and United have got a very good record for finding gems for a hell of a lot less than the going rate for established superstars.

      And, as I’m sure you know, our record on £30m players isn’t so good. Veron and Berbatov anyone?

      I just wish that people would look past the bleedin’ transfer fee and see that, no matter what he’s cost, we’re getting ourselves a cracking player who’s just been voted player of the year in Germany, has better stats than Hazard in a more competitive league(although his head isn’t quite as large), is a proven international player with ten goals in 31 games for his country(2 goal in 28 for Mr £170k a week), and, possibly most important of all, a player who wants to play for United and not just whoever will pay him the most money!

    • Merlin says:

      The Dortmund director was quoted on that when United showed interest Kagawa would not sign a new contract or talk to other club’s.He’s dream was always to play for United.

      There where now competiton for Gôtze’s signature 2 years ago. He went to Madrid for 12mill because he would not talk to no other club. Worked out real good for him, being a key player in the Madrid team.

      City use 30mill on James Milner, look how well that went…

  3. steve says:

    Gazzaro…there was competition for his signature but he wanted to come to United so it may have seemed that way. He plays in the position that we are looking to fill, he has better stats in a better league than Hazard (and he was out half of his first season!) and he has always wanted to come to United because the premiership is the Holy Grail in Japan due to coverage. Make no mistake he is a top player who was not bought for shirt sales. Very happy with that…

    Would be nice to see another central midfielder brought in and a full back as everyone agrees but i strongly disagree that we have bought a light weight and I am sure we didnt have to pay his agent a £6m fee for the privilege!!

  4. Muyumba says:

    Congratulations 2 kagawa for taking a new phase in his career and that wil adversely improve the Manchester united midfield.for years now there hasnt been creativity in the midfield but the arrival of kagawa wil add more flavour in the team.

  5. wiuru says:

    I have just checked Castrol rankings ,Kagawa is 5th in their midfield table .In front of him .Ribery,Robben,Iniesta and Bale . When i looked for cash and carry and ours all are way back . I realise a lot will not accept castrol rankings but over the last 4 years they are rarely far off the mark .I think we have a gem in our midst . Oh yes Hazard 20 something ish !

  6. Lag says:

    Kagawa got better stats at far superior league than Hazard’s at league 1.
    He was Fergies frist choice. Signed for a third of the price and wages of Hazard.
    A FAR better player than Hazard, although Hazard MIGHT Get there, Kagawa is there already.
    If “not able to compete” means this…. I never want United to be able to compete.

    • GAZZARO says:

      Check your head before mate… Most of Kagawa’s stat (more than 70%)comes from J-League. While Hazard is the BEST players in French League for 2 successive seasons. How can you said that Kagawa is a far better player than Hazard???

      I’m quite confident that if SAF have a chance to choose, he will definitely go for the Belgium lad really. Kagawa is a very good player and I’m very please that we’ve signed him. However, we’ve got to accept the truth, and the truth is comparatively, Hazard is quicker, better at dribbling, and more skillful than the samurai.

      • kc says:

        But Hazard chose money over United, that shows his character, not fit for United. Kagawa played for German champions, instrumental in winning it. German league is much better than French league. Hazard is a whore. True United fans wouldn’t want him here anyway, no doubt you’d disagree.

      • Merlin says:

        The Bundesliga are far better then League1, even Joe Cole are a star in that league.

        Kagawa have a fantastic record in the Bundesliga, 71 matches, with 29 goals and 15 assists. Playing for the back-to-back league champions.

  7. sp says:

    Now let’s hope he’s gonna be utilised properly otherwise he’ll ended up bein a “flop” like Anderson

  8. Aj says:

    We dont need to compete look at the players fergie bought
    Ronaldo 12m sold for 80m
    Chicarito 7m now worth 15 – 20m
    Nani 17m now worth 30m
    Rooney 30m now worth 50+m

    Man utd make players Chelsea and man city make players worse

    Torres Adebayor Bridge Santa Cruz Shevchenko just to name a few

    Dont get me wrong silva aguero hart kompany are all world class but man city cannot sell any of their fringe players Adebayor to name one £ 27millon 190,000 pw who can afford to buy him????

  9. Sabi says:

    Kagawa is playin in a much beta league dan hazard an dat make him beta dan hazard simple

  10. andrehillz says:

    gazzaro, jst b happy we got a new midfielder n pls stop complaining.