Date: 25th July 2012 at 3:05pm
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Former Man City defender Danny Mills has urged Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie to pick Manchester United ahead of his former club.

Having stated that he does not intend of signing a new deal at The Emirates stadium, Van Persie’s future remains undecided, but what is certain is that United, Man City as well as Juventus are in the hunt for his signature.

Turin is said to be his preferred destination but with Sir Alex confirming that he is very much interested in the Dutch striker, we could see Van Persie end up at Old Trafford and it is a move that Mills believes would be best for him.

Despite City beating United to the title last term, Mills believes United are a bigger club than City and offer him the better chance to win honours in Europe.

Speaking to the BBC, Mills said:

“Manchester United are still, in terms of club, bigger on a worldwide basis.

“Manchester City are still up and coming.

“In terms of challenging for the Champions League, if that’s what Van Persie really wants, I think Manchester United would be the better option for him.”


3 responses to ““I think Manchester United would be the better option for him.””

  1. Gary says:

    and what does bitter Danny Mills know lol, he wasn’t good enough for City and every oportunity he get, he has a dig. What he should have said is “United need Van Persie more than City”

  2. jetelinho says:

    there is a small mistake there: it should have been said: “Manchester City are still DOWN and BUYING.”

    to the topi itself: as RVP would so would ANY other player as MANCHESTER UNITED are many many hundred thousand light miles ahead from the shopaholic blue ulcers.
    In all relevant (!) stats, ulcers are average to lower club, there are dozens of better teams then them only in UK not only statistically but also considering some level of behavior … CLASS to use the correct term. Where there isn´t any smallesr sign of it, there hardly ever will …

    RVP – btw – would def. be a good addition … on the other hand I can see us do well even without him / we shall look at other positions to improve …

  3. dresses says:

    I guess, it comes down to 65225 simple choice!