Date: 12th August 2012 at 11:07am
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Brazil Manager Mano Menezes and starlet Neymar have jumped to Rafael’s defence, after the right back has come in for heavy criticism following Brazil’s 2-1 loss to Mexico in the Olympic finals.

Rafael’s error after 29 seconds gifted Mexico their opener, and he was subbed off late in the game following a row with Juan when the centerback reprimanded him for losing the ball cheaply and putting the team under pressure.

The Brazil team was expected to win gold with a host of fledgling stars amongst their ranks, but the Selecao tasted defeat for a third time in an Olympic finals following a disjointed performance, and Menezes feels that the blame should lie with the whole team rather than just an individual:

“The commitment of all the team got us here and we cannot forget that. The mistake was after 29 seconds, we had over 89 minutes to change that.

“We lost the whole match, not because of an individual error.”

Neymar echoed his manager’s word claiming that the whole team had a hand in the defeat:

“We all made mistakes, not only Rafael. I missed the chance of a goal, Oscar also. We all messed up passes.

“We are not going to blame it on Rafael because he made a mistake. It’s normal. Unfortunately they made a goal, but the fault [for the defeat] is in no way Rafael’s.”


4 responses to ““We lost the whole match, not because of an individual error.””

  1. markyboy says:

    He needs to stop making the frequent errors thats the whole downside of his game he has one good game followed by a horror show but hopefully he`ll get over this.Also oscar does`nt look like the messiah chelsea are making him out to be.And don`t read into anything that the press are saying about fergie staying behind to work on transfers,he has been ordered to reduce his air travel and take it easy.Get used to seeing phelan in the dugout for the future.

  2. Pete says:

    Rafael – he’s an arrogant joke. Can’t defend to save his life. Doesn’t listen to his team mates, just argues with ’em! Ask Jonny Evans after Everton – screaming at him to pick up Piennaer! Cost us Prem Lge AND Champs Lghome toe (

  3. trevor says:

    would Fergie have still bothered with the twins before the Glazers took over. Would Scholes, Giggs and Rio still be in the team now. United have let the team slip because of the lack of transfer funds. All Fergie does now is fill in the holes. Which player (world Class) has he bought since the Glazers

  4. mig78 says:

    Pete, get a life. He’s a young boy and still learning his trade. He’ll definitely improve as he grows into the player we all want him to be. To blame him for the lost of EPL is utter nonsense.
    Fans like you makes me vomit!