Date: 16th September 2012 at 12:46am
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Something like this needs no caption, a picture speaks a thousand words!


26 responses to “PHOTO: Kagawa & Buttner’s 1 Finger Salute”

  1. Kurgan says:

    Welbeck is nt helpin matters again.chicharito is a beta option

  2. justin says:

    I love that up man utd

  3. Iloveaeroplanes says:

    United fans showing their class again yesterday…….You make me sick – scum of England!!

    • Briam says:

      This post has nothing to do with you concentrate on your own club, or are you that hung up on everything Manchester United.

      • Iloveaeroplanes says:

        Lol! We don’t sing about United when we don’t play you, but you sing about us every week.

        Your fans are the scum of the Premier League & trying to say that chant is about Suarez is pathetic & cowardly!

        • Listen Cunt.In your position you can hardly speak immagine singing.(2ND FROM BOTTOM):)
          Yes when we sing we mention how many Premier Lgs your INCOMPETENT captain has won.
          You are calling us scum?Your fucken club is made out of scum. You are the cespits of English football!
          y.n.w.a.= you’ll never walk AGAIN !!!!

        • MAN U brown says:

          i wonder why u are really participating in our issues, do u want to be part of or maybe u are tired of losin??? LOSER!!!!!! listen yo!! this does not concern, did u see BUTTNER OR KAGAWAs finger pointing at your f**ken club???just stay away from this… this all abut MAN U fans not u losers….

    • you are second from bottom…..of course you are sick IDIOT !!!!

  4. Max says:

    Nobody can speak bloody English on this site.

  5. exon_fr says:

    Not really united class…

  6. exon_fr says:

    I think Fergie won’t be happy