Date: 17th September 2012 at 11:47am
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For all of their success, Liverpool have gone through somewhat of a barren spell in recent years.

Having been one of the biggest clubs in Europe and top dogs in England, beyond their shock European Cup win in 2005, they have had to make do with success in the domestic cup competitions, an FA Cup win in 2006 and the Carling Cup last season.

Their fall has been made even worse by Manchester United’s continuing success; in recent seasons United have enjoyed another European Cup win under Sir Alex Ferguson as well as numerous appearances in the finals of the competition, a number of league titles including a win in 2011 that saw United finally overtake Liverpool as the most successful club in the land.

It would be enough to drive Liverpool fans mad considering the size of the gap between the two clubs in terms of success not too long ago, and one such fan who hasn’t taken it too well is Jamie Carragher. The defender, whilst born an Evertonian, has come to embody everything about Liverpool and is a firm fan favourite and he admits it has been hard to see United prosper.

Speaking in The Daily Mail, Carragher said:

“At times it can be difficult, especially over the last few years when it hasn’t gone well. It’s great when you’re winning, it’s fantastic.

“I’ve been one of the main players for Liverpool, winning the European Cup, winning the Cup treble. I played for my team my whole life.

“I’m probably jealous of Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes and their titles and European Cups.

“I’d love to have won the league for Liverpool as it’s been so long. But were we ever really good enough? We never threw it away. There was always someone better than us.”

There’s always next season Jamie!


One response to “‘I’m probably jealous of Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes’”

  1. Miles says:

    Carra, you of all people should not be complaining. Given how technically-inept you are, you should never have been a footballer in the first place. Instead, count your blessings! Until you are capable of producing even a fraction of the football skills that Giggs and Scholes possess only then perhaps you might start to feel sorry for yourself. Nah… it’s not going to happen. You cannot teach old dogs new tricks especially one who is as inept as Jamie Hoofer Carragher.