Date: 18th September 2012 at 4:41pm
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Sir Alex Ferguson has pledged his support for Liverpool following the findings in last week enquiry into the Hillsborough disaster.

Sir Alex called for an end to the unsavoury chanting from both sides last week, but United were in the headlines after the club spoke out about chanting that took place during the victory over Wigan. United face Liverpool this Sunday and it is feared that chanting from both sides will be in the headlines again, so Sir Alex has reaffirmed his stance on the matter.

Speaking at a presser ahead of tomorrow’s match with Galatasaray, Sir Alex said:

“I didn’t hear it [the chants at the Wigan game], but everyone else seemed to hear it. David Gill heard it in the director’s box and was disappointed.

“The chant is a new chant. It only started after the Suarez situation [the Liverpool forward was found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra last season].

“But in the current climate and having spoken on Friday, asking our supporters to adhere to the policy that we want to adopt – that we’re completely in support of Liverpool Football Club at this moment in time and we understand what those families must have felt during the week when they got that report – it was disappointing to hear that.

“It’s a minority, though, and in society there’s a minority who want to be heard. That’s the difficultly you’ve got nowadays.

“As a club we’re totally in support of Liverpool and the situation they’re in. It’s going to be a very emotional day on Sunday and we’ll support them in every way we can.”


7 responses to “Liverpool Get SAF Backing Ahead Of Weekend Clash”

  1. jonesey says:

    It is time th two clubs stped thehate but Fergie begana lot o this with his atred towards LFC years ago and he saso rafyenough toknow that hi chance of a rsultat Anfield wil be enhanced if the Kop ae not screaming as lou s usual – SORRY TO BE SUSPICOUS BUT ISTORY PROVES WE SHOUD BE VERY WARY

  2. jonesey says:


  3. jonesey says:

    I hoestly wuld like osee an endto the hatred -Buby was LFC Cptain for years and genuine supporters from bot club would like a reurn to frindlier times – Munich was a horrible disaster and so was Shefield – THERE HAS BEEN ENOUGH GRIEF- LETS GIVE PEACE A CHANCE

  4. Lee Munich Red says:

    Its time for honesty now. I’ve watched United since 1950 and never has there been such bitterness as there is over this. Both sides are right in a way. “Always the victim” IS a new song but there were also songs about the Hillsborough dead sang and this is sickening. The Hillsborough campaigners were brilliant in their fight to get to the truth. I hope they get true justice. Let’s thrash them at weekend on the pitch but respect their dead. If they chant about Munich that is to their discredit. We should rise above it and respect those 96 innocent fans and their families.

    • Jim G says:

      Lee – I can honestly say hand on heart that the Munich song has not been heard at Anfield for years. Maybe in pubs or outside the ground by a few nobs, but not in the ground. I HAVE heard it at OT, but it is sung by the minority.
      The ‘victims’ song, however, has been around a good few years, and it is disingenuous to pretend otherwise.
      It is a dig at Hilllsborough and Heysel. End of.

  5. jonesey says:


  6. Stevie G (Walton) says:

    I am pleased the SAF has decided to offer an olive branch and hopefully keep the scum element that follow ALL the top clubs in check by trying to support any LFC initiative. However, I cannot agree about the “Victims” song. That has absolutely nothing to do with the Suarez Evra incident. That IS about Hillsborough!