Date: 26th November 2012 at 11:38am
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After being reinstated as Manchester United’s goalkeeper for the past 2 games, Anders Lindegaard has admitted that he is unsure of how Sir Alex will rotate his goalkeepers over the course of the season.

It appeared that David De Gea had secured the position as Lindegaard was forced to look in from the outside, but a tooth problem caused De Gea to miss last week’s loss to Norwich and whilst he was fit to return against QPR, there was only a place on the subs bench for the Spaniard as Lindegaard held onto his place in goal.

For now Lindegaard is thankful for ¬†and will look to take advantage of every chance presented to him, as he doesn’t know when De Gea will be recalled:

“I still don’t see a clear picture on how things are going to develop throughout the season.

“The tendency lately is that David has played. Unfortunately for him, he has been out with a teeth problem which I am trying to benefit from.”


2 responses to ““I still don’t see a clear picture on how things are going to develop””

  1. Stephen says:

    De Gea is in a different class to Lindegaard.

  2. Emmy says:

    De gea pls.lets 4get these lindegaard guy.he is no good