Date: 11th December 2012 at 4:10pm
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It seems Roberto Mancini is struggling to cope over at the Etihad.

The Man City manager is under increasing pressure having gone out of Europe after failing to pick up a single win, seeing Man City struggle with poor form domestically and having to deal with dissent amongst the ranks.

On Sunday he saw his side fall 6 points behind Manchester United and surrender an almost 2 year old unbeaten home record after Manchester United rolled up to the Etihad and defeated his side 3-2.

Following the game, Mancini adressed a function back in Italy where he told the guests,

“United have more experience but we have a much better team and play much better football.”

Nothing extraordinary about this, managers frequently try to gee up their players, and I assume it would have been especially important for him to do so after such a demoralising defeat. The one problem I do have with this statement is that it directly contradicts his comments on the two sides just over 48 hours before.

Speaking ahead of the derby on Friday, Mancini said:

“They are better than us at this moment.

“We have only been here for two years. They are used to playing these games in the title race for 20 years. They have won everything for 15 years.

“You can’t change this in two or three years. You need more time.

“For this reason they have a small advantage.”

It’s always been said winning a title is much easier than retaining it and at the moment it looks like the pressure is getting to Robert because there is no plausible reason a person should flip flop like that (apart from Mitt Romney of course).

There may be another explanation though, perhaps Friday was simple a case of rubbish mind games that backfired? I think Bobby should leave this sort of thing to the master!


9 responses to “Is Roberto Mancini Cracking Up?”

  1. Neil Crosby says:

    Demoralising defeat!? A deflected goal 3 minutes in to added time when up until then there was only going to be one winner and it wasn’t the reds.

    • David says:

      A Manchester City supporter commenting on a United blog…Are you a Red in disguise?

    • zubair says:

      Yehhh lad take the loss and go and weep with ur other disgraceful city fans.. What pathetic sportsmanship.. But we dont blame ya guys after all, like robbert the fag said, man city arent used to playing title deciding games

      • CHiefblue says:

        Title deciding games? I hope this is a wind up or your very thick. Last seasons game 3 games from the end was title deciding, the away victory that followed it was title deciding. Have you had more and experienced more…. god yes! Im not stupid. Im aware of your history but please try an find reason and sensibility before you post or you look like a unintelligent halfwit. NO offence.

  2. des says:

    Van Persieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

    Feel 3-2 leave as many bitter comments as u like berties! Forever in our shadow!

  3. henry ossai says:

    United really deserved the victory not after disallowing youngs goal,united for Life