Date: 3rd February 2013 at 6:10pm
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Going 10 points clear after beating Fulham last night meant United could have a bit of a breather.

After the dominant win last week, Fulham resisted a lot more than people expected and almost came close to claiming an equaliser so it’s understandable that there was a sense of relief amongst the team and fans.

Anderson is a notorious joker so I wonder what happened here after the final whistle, as Sir Alex showed his more playful side clipping Anderson around the head and give him a shove.

*Waits for Liverpool fans to contact the PFA reporting Sir Alex for bullying in the work place*


8 responses to “GIF IT: Sir Alex Roughs Up Anderson”

  1. alimamy says:

    about anderson

  2. Breedy says:

    looks like anderson was mocking fergie with his hands up clapping as fergie does , but SAF was unpleased with the display… fergie did see the funny side to it

  3. Phranckie says:

    ~ =))?°?hahahaha
    _\\_ Anderson was mimicking Sir Alex, the way Sir wil always clap @ the sound of the final whistle while going down the tunnel.

  4. lununcle says:

    I was watching EPL match highlight just now(the Liv vs Man C, N Castle vs Chelsea games)…..I found that we have been lacking the kind of goals similar to those scored by Gerrard and Lampard…since the departure of Roy Keane and the slowing down of Paul Scholes, those 20+ yards thunders have been sorely missed from our games….I know that we still score many goals though, this kind of goals have always been special. I also miss those Bechkam / Ronaldo free-kicks as well….sighhhhh….

  5. Ak says:

    Our team is perfect now as the transfer market i wish that sir alex buy a central defender because we will get tough match ahead. Real madrid clash,win Fa cup and maintain nine point advance from man city our defence should be fit and prepare to face these difficult matches.

  6. luol says:

    jst anderson was so happy cozs of ten points clear over man city gud the managing of fergie in that march they play again fulham.

  7. Praise says:

    Yea anderason his a joker, sir alex is also a joker, 4 ever united n up nigeria

  8. Cheran Gobiratnam says:

    either mocking fergies usual clap

    or fergie gave him a little reminder that he shouldnt be the one clapping since he didnt play lol