Date: 16th April 2013 at 11:20am
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Me? Going to PSG? You sure about that?

Me? Going to PSG? You sure about that?

Another day another set of conflicting reports on Wayne Rooney.

So what exactly is going on with the Scouser? Some news outlets are reporting that he is on his way to PSG, others claim he wants a new deal at Old Trafford and the Daily Mail aren’t sure so have just gone with both!

Yesterday afternoon they claimed a source in France had said Rooney’s move to PSG would go through this summer. Michel Moulin, a former advisor to the club and now owner of Le Sport 10, went on his channel to claim:

‘I announce to you from trusted sources: Rooney to PSG is done. He will be at PSG next season.’

Nothing wrong with this, he may be right or wrong. People are ‘certain’ about transfer all the time, how many times have we been linked with a player, told it was a done deal but it not happen?

It appeared the Daily Mail had drunk the kool aid though, running through a number of reasons as to why Rooney would be on his way, including being forced to play in central midfield behind RVP & Hernandez on Sunday at Stoke.

But in a matter of hours the paper had changed their tune, instead claiming that Rooney was actually looking to stay at Old Trafford and wanted to open talks on a new deal.

They went as far as saying the only way Rooney would be leaving would be if both he and United couldn’t reach an agreement and that Moulin ‘is considered to be trying to garner publicity for his media outlet Le Sport 10’.

So were they unaware that Rooney wanted to stay at Old Trafford in the 6 hours it took them to change their minds? Were they sudden made aware that Moulin was trying to drum up publicity for Le Sport 10 in that 6 hours? Amazing how things can change in a matter of hours!

Like I’ve always said don’t trust anyone when it comes to stuff like this, except us that is. We love you and would never lead you astray xxx

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5 responses to “Wayne Rooney Appears Stuck On The Transfer Merry Go Round”

  1. Ak says:

    Bullshit news rooney said itself that he want to follow the footstep of giggs and also said that there are few players who are loyal to their club.