Date: 22nd May 2013 at 5:30am
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Another twist in the Wayne Rooney transfer saga

The Wayne Rooney saga gets weirder and weirder.

Initially talk of Rooney wanting to leave broke as an aside on the day it was revealed that Sir Alex was retiring as manager of Manchester United. Whilst the club didn’t confirm this, they made a point of letting the world know Rooney was not for sale.

After United had beaten Swansea and lifted the title earlier this month, Sir Alex confirmed the rumours saying that Rooney had indeed asked to leave but his request had been denied.

There was the whole ‘Rooney changed his Twitter bio’ episode which prompted a swift and and angry rebuttal and apart from tidbits of news as to where the striker may end up or how incoming manager David Moyes plans to welcome him back into the fold, we’ve been in limbo.

But yesterday evening The Mirror added to the muddled tapestry of Rooney’s second transfer request, claiming the the striker had not in fact handed in a transfer request at all!

The tabloid claims that he did not in fact ask for a transfer but with Sir Alex going public saying he had, it put him at odds with the fans who would not forgive him after the first time and therefore he expects to be forced out of the Old Trafford door.

Bizarrely the report also claims that United tried to use him as a bargaining chip to lure Joe Hart from Man City, in the belief that he was unhappy given the criticism he had received from Roberto Mancini.

The only issue with this is Sir Alex was adamant that he wouldn’t sell the striker to City in 2010 and I doubt he’s stance will have changed, and with David De Gea already between the sticks a move for Hart would have been extremely unlikely.

The other fault with the report lies with Rooney himself.

If he was so quick to hit back at claims that he had removed ‘Manchester United player’ from his bio, why didn’t he quash rumours of a transfer request?

I think the Mirror’s report is fallacy but with everything that has gone on so far who knows what the hell is actually going on!


12 responses to “Another Twist In The Rooney Saga?”

  1. gb says:

    I read the same dodgy story

  2. Roman says:

    Very looks like Fergie! Nobody staying in United after conflict with the BOSS! And he did it again! I hope that Moyes can clean this mess up and keep the best player in a team.

    • edhen says:

      …do remember Beckham saga few year ago, ans so goes life. The survival of the fittest???

  3. ak says:

    Wats going on with united rooney should not be sold.the aim was to bring van persie to old trafford so that he can make the powerful duo in attack with w.rooney. Now when van persie score more goal than rooney they want to sold rooney. That not fair rooney also is a brillant goalscore before van persie join us.

  4. Tom hall says:

    Please leave Wayne so you will be able to see how lucky you are to be blessed with the talent you have and play for Manchester United, he’s under performed recently an his weight is a massive issue for me , when he was early 20s he got away with a bad diet but not now! Ta ra Wayne needs to learn French quick if he wants to stay on mega bucks

  5. ak says:

    Now david moyes will manager united. He will manage the player by his own tactical strategies. He know rooney very well and know he abilities am sure he will find played real place which they can shine.