Date: 30th May 2013 at 3:23am
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Manchester United’s search for a new midfielder took a knock yesterday when Marouane Fellaini distanced himself from a move to Old Trafford.

It had been reported that David Moyes was keen to bring the Belgian in to beef up United’s midfield, but he will have to look elsewhere as Fellaini believes his future lies on Merseyside:

“My destiny is with Everton, it’s as simple as that.

“After that, you never know what can happen, but we still speak of one of the greatest English clubs.

“The framework and the basics are there. It is in this sense that I mean the departure of the coach does not change anything for me.

“Despite everything he has done for the club, we always have enough quality to continue to shine.

“Honestly, the departure of the coach does not change. He received a good challenge and I understand that he has accepted.

“But he never told me about his project to take me with him to United. It is only in the press that I read it.”

Moyes, is also said to be looking at Barcelona’s Cesc Fabregas and Thiago Alcantara but both lack the bite Fellaini would have provided, so the search continues.


9 responses to “Moyes Will Have To Set His Sights On A New Target”

  1. Deng Maduok says:

    Hi David moyed, either cesc fabregas, luka modric and Thiago Alcantara his good for replscement of our retired play paull scholes if fellaini refuse to come with you.

  2. Deng Maduok says:

    Please moyes think about which player his good for replacement of paul scholes if you want us to maintain our title as manchester united the best team in English premier league.

  3. Deng Maduok says:

    Please david moyes, don’t let Rooney leave the club because he his one of our best players we have in manchester united.