Date: 8th June 2013 at 11:19am
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Arsenal ready to smash their wage structure to sign Rooney

Wayne Rooney held secret talks with two teams in the same day according to reports from Goal.Com.

Speculation over Rooney’s future continues to rage, with the England striker yet to speak conclusively on his plans for next season.

It is believed United want to keep the striker but Goal claim that Rooney met with two teams, one Premiership and one on the continent, in the past 7 days as he looks for a new club.

It is claimed Rooney is being pursued by Chelsea, Arsenal, PSG, Real Madrid and Monaco so the possibilities as to who he met are endless.

Arsenal have ramped up their interest in recent days, with chief exec Ivan Gazidis confirming the North London side have the financial clout to snap up Rooney if the opportunity arose.

Goal.Com are renowned for being unreliable when it comes to transfer stories so the validity of such reports are questionable, but we will get answers on Rooney’s future in the coming weeks.


7 responses to “Who Are The Two Teams Wayne Rooney Held Secret Talks With?”

  1. chelula says:

    let him leave fucks,bcoz we ar tired of his desire and behavior,let sign jovetic or potential players to replace him,dayz b4 i use to luv him it seems he does not luv de club…..

  2. hitzwood says:

    rooney shuld jes leave so dat man utd wil have enough money to sign players like cesc and co

  3. mr.b says:

    You’re welcome to Fabrigas, Arsenal have a 50% sell on clause.

  4. fil says:

    It’s time United got very serious with transfer targets.Why should we always lose out?Spend to get the best instead of always going for young ones who get frustrated by the time they are almost ripe for the big stage

  5. MU4Ever says:

    This is bloody stupid all so called United fans think United would be better if Wazza left, look at the stats over the years and wake up and smell the bloody coffee, its amazing how none of this sites are printing the truth that Wazza did not ask to leave United at all, what all real United supporters is get 100% behind Wazza as we would be screwed if it wasn’t for him. If Wazza leaves that will be the start of the down fall of United look at Wazza’s stats they speak for theirselves, we must hold on to him and no way should we ever let scum like chelski or arseanal get him as that would just make it harder to win trophies without him, you can’t ever call welbeck a striker in a million years so screw chelski and arseanal scum he is a United player for the next 2 years at least and we can’t give in to teams like this, United have said he isn’t for sale so therefore he isn’t for sale, sites like should stop printing such total and complete rubbish, if Wazza was not going to stay now that would look bloody stupid after him being the main man in the advertising of our new home shirt. Anderson and Nani both need to go as well as Bebe etc all of them have basically been a total waste of money and Nani has never fulfilled the potential he originally showed at United. All real United fans need to get behind Wayne Rooney as to buy another striker as good as him if you can find 1 you are talking £40m+ and upwards, he isn’t just about goals but his assists as well.

    • boxy says:

      Well, Rooney keeping himself shut is definitely not helping right?

      To be frank, if this is even remotely true, I am very much disappointed with Wayne. He has been asking this same shit for the second time in a space of 2-4 years. Who’s to say that he will not do it again the next year?

      Lets say if we keep him and he refused to a new deal, he can just go for a small fee/none end of next season(Bosman rule). Who’s at the end of the pitch fork? Him or us?