Date: 16th June 2013 at 5:09am
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Gareth Bale would be better suited remaining in England if he chooses to leave White Hart Lane according to former Tottenham manager and legend Glenn Hoddle.

Bale is reportedly a target for Real Madrid, who are hoping to sign him in response to missing out on Neymar in an £85m deal. Real are pulling no punches trying to woo the Welshman with former player Zinedine Zidane talking him up, claiming the Tottenham star is in the same bracket as Ronaldo and Messi.

Whilst Real are favourites for Bale’s signature, Hoddle thinks a move abroad may be to early for the 23 year old and has advised him to remain in England. Hoddle is quoted in the Daily Star as saying:

“Personally, I don’t think Gareth Bale wants to leave yet – unless it was to one of the Manchester clubs.

“He’s had a new baby and I’m not sure if he’s ready for a move abroad. You have to be settled off the pitch before you get your form on it.”

Bale has frequently been linked to United and The Daily Star believe he is United’s second option if they fail to bring Ronaldo back from Madrid. But as seen in United’s apparent pursuit of Luka Modric, Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is willing to play hardball with United, still smarting at perceived injustices in United’s signings of Michael Carrick and Dimitar Berbatov.


21 responses to “Tottenham Legend Advises Bale To Forget Madrid And Pick United”

  1. Steve says:

    I’m tired of reading about former footballers telling Bale what to do. Zidane obviously has an angle in getting him to sign for Real, which is more than just hoping Real will improve. As for Hoddle…..suggesting Bale should sign for the team Tottenham beat last season. How did United become the team it is? by signing away outstanding players to other premier league sides? Tottenham is already a very good team; to be great they need to keep and develop their players, not just use them as commodities to make a profit. On the one hand, I would love to keep Bale, and he become a Tottenham legend. On the other, £85 million would buy a better TEAM.

    • Chudi says:

      Norwich beat us last year, enjoy being in such an exclusive club and in great company :/

      Beating us doesn’t mean you are on the same level/better, nobody in England or on earth doesn’t see a move from Spurs to United as a step up.

  2. rich g says:

    levy will never sell to utd again, i laugh at the morons who think this could happen, dream on, 2-3 spurs and 1-1 at the lane, fuck off

    • Sulz says:

      Yup your a big threat, we’ll just remember that when we’re in the champions league and your scrounging for fourth place.

    • Red Mick says:

      Was you even alive the previous time you won at O.T you muppet? Levy will never sell to United again!? You’re a halfwit if you really believe that, the bloke is only interested in lining his pockets!!! You will finish 6th at best next year…. and thats if Bale stays!!!

      • jakespur says:

        red mick seems to know the finishing positions for next seasons premiership already even though its 11 months away I wonder if it would be possible for him to send me the winning numbers for Tuesday night,s euro millions

      • Tony says:

        Clearly being dickhead is in fashion. The day after Berbatov was sold, Levy issued a statement on the Spurs website pledging he would never sell to Manure again. Since then John Toshack revealed 2 years ago that Spurs had turned down a £23m bid for Bale. Old Purple Nose tried his usual tapping up tricks over Modric two years in a row. In 2011 Levy warned Ferguson that he had a dossier on all his attempts at tapping up, and if he pursued Modric he would report him to the FA. In 2012 Ferguson started tapping up Modric again with stories from his usual minnions, like the Custis brothers and Ian Ladyman. These stories, putting words in Levy’s mouth were particularly repulsive as ‘Arry revealed that nobody at Spurs could contact Levy at the time. The reason was that Levy was undergoing two personal crises,in particular, the death of his mother was reported in the Press at the time. For Ferguson to carry on his usual tricks at such a time was grossly insensitive. When Levy returned to work, he reportedly would not return Ferguson’s calls. If you behave in business in that sort of fashion it’s NEVER FORGOTTEN. Utd are aware that Levy will not sell to them, that is why the Zeki Fryers affair blew up. If you think Levy will sell to Utd after that history, you really are a Mick the Prick

  3. Phil says:

    Any team in the premier league that wants him will have to pay extra for him. We turned down 40 mil from Chelsea and took 35 from Madrid for modric. I’ve got no problem if he goes to another premier league club (if he leaves at all) but that team will have to accept that they need to better Madrid’s bid considerably. Madrid have said they are willing to break the world record, that’s 80+ million, being realistic can any of you see united making a bid of 90 million for bale? I certainly can’t. United cant compete with Madrid financially and it’s a better situation for us if he goes there than to united. Plus I don’t even think your club want him as badly as Madrid do!