Date: 5th July 2013 at 11:05am
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Any chances of Manchester United unveiling Thiago Alcantara at David Moyes’ first presser as United boss this afternoon have been dashed, after Barcelona revealed they haven’t actually received any offers for the midfielder.

Various news outlets have claimed that the player is close to agreeing a deal with United and it had been hoped that United would announce his signing in this afternoon’s presser but Sky Sports are reporting that Barcelona have received no offers for the midfielder.

Over the past few days there has been talk of Thiago’s father selling his restaurant in Barcelona in anticipation of a move to Manchester and┬áBarca sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta demanding a resolution to the protracted saga in the next 10 days but when approached by a Sky Sports, a Barcelona source is said to have told the channel:

“We still have not received any formal offer for the player.”

Whilst this doesn’t mean Thiago won’t be joining United, it definitely means that he won’t be announced as a United player this afternoon unless some serious work is done behind the scenes in the next few hours.


51 responses to “And The Plot Thickens… New Twist In Thiago Chase”

  1. andre says:

    Why all dis twisting abt dis lad,thiago is exactly who will need.pls moyes finish dis deal asap

  2. andre says:

    Why all dis twisting abt dis lads transfer thiago is exactly who will need.pls moyes finish dis deal asap

  3. okurut says:

    it is high time this deal is finalised but other wise we stand to loose out on thiago

  4. Suresh Kumar says:

    I don’t understand why it takes The Red Devils so long to finish the deal. When it comes to United to buy players, it’s always so damn slow and then the deal is off!!! Come on, we need world class quality which United lacked the last few seasons.. SIGN THIAGO ASAP!!!!

  5. Pete says:

    He’s not going to sign for us, get over it and move on, we were never in talks with Schneider, but we was disappointed when he didn’t come, don’t believe the hype!!!

  6. Femi Akinola says:

    Please Moyes do fast on transfer time going mainly on Tiago,fans were waiting as u promised that he will be announce on friday,please we need this man & more thanks for understanding

  7. Peace mnelemba says:

    this z the only rizon u lost villa n nw he can come at such an age