Date: 9th July 2013 at 3:05am
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Spain boss Vicente Del Bosque has advised Manchester United target Thiago Alcantara to remain at Barcelona despite his search for playing time.

The young midfielder is said to be fed up with waiting for his chance at the Nou Camp and with designs of playing for Spain at the World Cup next year, believes a move away will allow him to impress Spain boss Del Bosque and reclaim his place in the national team.

United are keen on Thiago and have been heavily linked with a move for him but has Del Bosque’s latest comments derailed United’s move for the 22 year old?

The Spanish boss is quoted as saying:

“The most important thing for Thiago is that he keeps on getting games. I think he would get them at Barcelona, he is held in a very high regard at the club.”

With Thiago looking to impress his national team manager, his words will hold serious power as he looks to sort out his future. With United apparently having made no contact with Barcelona in regards to a move, will Del Bosque’s words be enough to convince the youngster to stay at the Nou Camp?

Whilst it has been claimed that Thiago has already agreed terms with United, nothing has been confirmed and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that Thiago remains at Barcelona, something even more likely following Del Bosque’s words.


24 responses to “Has Del Bosque Scuppered United’s Thiago Move?”

  1. Apuwae Jonathan says:

    That manager is an old punk who does not know what’s good for his player, i though adequate play time is key for his teams success in world cup. I rest my case…

    • frank says:

      you all united fans re all dickheads…. you want to kill his career…fuck off, give cleverly those games…

  2. Oluseun says:

    The coach is not serious, let thiago just acting in favour of barca, if thiago man u will get a beta player, remenber snaija regretin now, let him think it again

  3. zak says:

    those r tha sort of games barca will have to play to hold onto a player.

  4. UN2SAY says:

    thiago i wud advice u to stay at barca. D individual skills u like 2 display is not welcome in d english league.

    • GVMUFC says:

      @UN2SAY: firstly, you should learn how to write; back to school for you. Secondly, individual skills are not welcome in the premier league? You must be a Barca fan who doesn’t want him to go. Try watching a few games and you’ll change your mind. Although do not watch Stoke. RVP, Bale, Rooney, Suarez, Mata, Silva, Cazorla, Kagawa, Aguero, Wilshere – just a selection of players who have ‘individual skills’.

  5. Oluseun says:

    the coach is acting infavour of barca, all what i know is that man u will get a beta mildfielder should he fail to come, let him go and ask snaija he will know what i mean, good luct to thiago

  6. aizzy says:

    Thiago, keep warming the bench… U had beta make ur decision now b4 man U go 4 a beta player

  7. Edwin kitesh says:

    The spanish manager is a big fan of barca thts y.

  8. hitzwood says:

    this spanish coach jes make me laugh… Wuld he pick a player who does nt play upto 30min in 10 games in a whole season to a world cup tournament?? ..i think is jes trying to play some prank thier …in order to have him stay in his belove barcelona

  9. Anawo master p says:

    Hahahahahaha iy funnies me to know that Barcelona would descend down low by paying an aging delbosque to use his position to lobby an innocent boy who has made up his mind to leave their club, thesame less playing time that the likes of David villa had that gave the young Brazilians an edge over his team in the confederations cup? Thiago follow ur heart and ur father’s advice and book a flight to man utd

  10. simba says:

    Thiago js find ur way 2 man u coz d truth of d matter z ther z no guarantee u ll get dat regular start @ barca than when u @man u…think man!!!