Date:11th July 2013 at 3:44am
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It appears Alex Buttner has taken over from Rio Ferdinand in keeping fans up to date with the pre season happenings.

As well as letting us know who travelled to Asia via his Instagram account, the defender posted this pic of himself in the cockpit of the team plane prior to take off!


12 responses to “PICTURE: Buttner Hopes United Career Will Take Off With Pre Season Tour”

  1. Dennis says:

    Am disappointed with the way Manutd goes on their biznez of transfers, We have been Persuing Alcantra for more than a month, strootman more than 2 yrs,Quintero more than a year, and Garay for more than a year. We need to move fast and get more food players quickly all our targets have signed to other clubs.
    What is wrong Moyes? Wake up this is no everton! And don’t think u will bring to us your everton players who have not tested any tropy and end up winning, Ua waiting to buy mirallas for 1 million then start complaining you a building team. Am annoyed with u, better go back to everton.

    • harris says:

      dude…the season hasn’t even start yet…and there you are babbling about Moyes decision… relax…he knows what he is doing…maybe he want to see the first match of preseason tour first and decide which position need changes…

  2. wish says:

    I don’t tink man utd nid defenda 4 nw dey nid mildfid sign mildfid 4 us moyes

  3. Robert Muhwana says:

    1 defender iz perhaps not bad bt our main struggle iz de midfield

  4. mario says:

    I agree with Dennis, Moyes need to act fast in the transfer market otherwise he will win nothing at United. He might as well go back to everton. Listening to the transfer stories for almost six weeks is sickening. If Rooney wants to go, let him go and utilise funds to build new team with good quality players. Rooney has an attitude problem, he is no bigger than club.
    Please Moyes catch a wake up.

  5. MS says:

    @Dennis, – Moysie has only been here a week or so, why make comments like ‘go back to Everton’? Jeez give the guy some breathing time. The matter of transfers is usually taken care of by the upper management guy, once the manager has made known the players he wants brought in. Moyes has said they are working hard behind the scenes to bring in their target players, so I’m going with that. Glory Man Utd, all the way.

  6. romuv says:

    Moyes shld act now, buy new players, how he asses the team wen he has left some key players from the Asia trip… If he dnt sign now, we r heading for a disaster. We want trophies, we r not a rebuilding club anymore, Moyes, dnt bring Everton to Utd!!!!

  7. kasoma says:

    moyes don’t let thiago go 2 muñich

  8. seun puma says:

    Plz dnt letz loose out on thiago…cus we already lost strootman..we ar takin time to finalise our deals wif player which is bad…moyes am rite behind u buh we nid to sign fast

  9. feddy says:

    Y a british coach agn ? Jurgen Klopp would av bin better….
    Moyes has nt tasted success in 11yrs and you’re bringn him 2 a great Institution like. Man utd….
    Moyes if you know what’s G???????????????D???? , get Us thiago and let go of those british players we ave in our team ( young, clever,welbeck )…..Man utd is not Everton where you would be gvn time………Pls be fast in Signing quality players!!!!!!!

  10. Eli Joe says:

    Well. My major question is: Why did Moyes go on a 3-week-long break in the first place? Had he stayed, he wuda completed most his signings by nw and we wud be rearing to go. Jus take a look at “Shitty” and “Chelshit” …they brot in 2 or 3 players aiidy when Moyes was busy smooching his wife somwia in the west indies. JM once said ‘Holidays are for the weak’…and its being proved aiidy. Our signing so far in over a month is one unknown right back. I’m greatly disappointed at this approach. If we shud start this season the same way we started the last one, its gon’ be either carling cup or nothin at all!!! We shud open our eyes, we are no more in ‘fergie time’.