Date:15th July 2013 at 3:47am
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Thiago Pep

Beyond the fact that Thiago Alcantara simply opted to join Bayern Munich, linking up with his former coach Pep Guardiola at the Allianz Arena, Guillem Balague believes there is another reason why the midfielder won’t be appearing for David Moyes’ side this season.

All and sundry declared that the midfielder was United bound this summer with baby pictures in United shirts and anonymously signed footballs evidence of this but today the midfielder completed a £22m move to Bayern Munich leaving United in the all too familiar position of missing out on a summer target.

But did United miss out on him? Guillem Balague, who was one of the main drum beaters in regards to a Thiago move to United, thinks United went cold on the move with questions over the player.

Balague tweeted:

Whilst unfounded, these claims are somewhat of a shock especially as players aren’t signed solely for the Premier League and Thiago has the kind of ability that would see him do well almost anywhere.

If true, Balague’s claims make this summer even more interesting as whoever Moyes signs will come under HEAVY scrutiny.


13 responses to “Why Thiago Isn’t Going To Be A United Player This Season”

  1. Mark says:

    I for one, never believed that he was coming to us. We do not conduct our transfer business in the press and this supposed transfer was totally press driven. This is not our form, even though I think he would’ve been a excellent signing. We have no choice but to be patient and let the wheels of industry turn. Have faith my brothers!! IT WILL HAPPEN……

  2. eugene says:

    Well I don’t know what to think about Manchester United? I love this club with all of my heart but the transfer policy at ManUntd isn’t good. David M better make sum great signings cuz if he doesn’t Manchester United fans will loose faith in him. Hope and pray he makes a signing that steals all our hearts!!!!!!

  3. ALAIN says:

    Manchester United Very poor in transfer business

  4. albash says:

    United are becoming too arrogant, they cant expect to sell at high price and expect to pay less. We are in a crazy transfer situation where you have to pay morethan necessary. Performing in europe is one of the hopes we have for attracting europes best talent. That ego being the best ‘in the world’ we have to drop, players don’t really see that, as soon as a player rejects us then we’ll label him a mercenary. Only united fans believe that they are the only best club but just so you know not everyone believes that, we get constantly beaten in transfers. We pay a lot to craps like Young. Zaha, jones aren’t worth the money paid for them, why can’t we pay more for players that are worth it. Besides who wants to play with our craps, aka Welbeck, Cleverly et all. Rooney questioned our inability to attract top players, he may be wrong to have said that, but i think there’s some truth to what he said.

    • Danny Salford red says:

      When have we ever sold our players at a high price? Traditionally we sell our players for frustratingly low amounts and overpay to buy players. The tone of your comment is a disgrace and if indeed you are a United fan you are the worst kind. If we are that ‘Arrogant’ and players like Jones are not worth the money according to you go and support someone else or get some bloody perspective. Idiot