Date: 16th July 2013 at 12:02pm
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Despite being a cert to join Manchester United, it’s being reported that PSV’s Kevin Strootman has joined Roma.

PSV had said that the midfielder wasn’t for sale, preferring to keep him for one more year having sold a number of stars already this summer but Strootman claimed a move away from the Philips Stadion was still possible although it appeared that he was lowering his expectations as he mentioned that he could possibly join a team that wasn’t in the upper echelons of European football.

Rumours of a move to Roma began to surface and have today proved correct as the Italian side have signed the midfielder for £15.5m on a 4 year deal.

This comes as a huge turnaround from claims that a deal had been wrapped up and the Dutch man would be confirmed on July 1st when Moyes officially became United manager.

Judging by this, I don’t think United’s interest in him was ever as serious as made out and perhaps it’s for the best as he hardly looked impressive when I saw him, especially during the European u21 championship where as a senior player dropping down into the team he should have stood out more.


4 responses to “Another Midfielder ‘Target’ That Won’t Be Joining United This Summer”

  1. Uchechukwu Ekobay says:

    Wen will manchester unitea coach sign us a player, probably wen every good must have finished in the market.

  2. Uche chukwuma says:

    Must moyes mis out on evry big playa n kip gvn excuss on evry mistke. He’s notin bt a cnfuz man man who doesnt hv direction.

  3. Repo man says:

    Absolute fuckin joke were gonna end up with felliane and baines there no better than what we have already we won’t get fabrecas and they fucked up pissing about with thiago if u think this is one irate fan think again there’ll is fuckin thousands of pissed off reds .transfer policy fuckin joke

  4. peter smith says:

    Uche sHut ur danm moutH. Do u tink it is dat easy to siGn a player?? Or u Fink it is liKe pricein a hore 4 a nite stand?