Date: 17th July 2013 at 10:22am
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Where do Manchester United & Rooney Go Now?

Sky Sports News are reporting that Manchester United have rejected a bid from Chelsea this morning.

Manchester United have remained adamant that Rooney is not for sale, especially not to Chelsea and are said to have expressed this to the London club when rejecting their bid.

It has not been confirmed what Chelsea’s bid entailed but the certain and swift response from United leads many to believe that it was below any figure United would potentially consider to do business at.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has courted Rooney this summer, but when asked on Rooney again Jose simply replied:

“This is a period when the big clubs and their managers are connected with everything.
“Until August 31, that’s the oldest story in football, rumours and rumours. At the end, something comes true.”

Chelsea remain favourites to sign the striker, but with United’s stance will they be able to prise the striker away from Old Trafford?

EDIT: James Ducker of The Times claims the offer was £10m & Mata or Luiz whilst Jamie Jackson of The Guardian believed the deal only allowed United the option to buy either player.


28 responses to “BREAKING: Manchester United Reject Chelsea Bid For Rooney”

  1. Filko says:

    Let Rooney goto Chelsea. Then they will have to flops. Torres & Rooney both well past there beat.

    • redevil says:

      first of all you don’t understand the basic of it. if rooney is deemed to be a flop at Chelsea, then why dont MU jst offload him to chelsea and get rid of his high wages. Why they don’t want to see through a deal and pay such high wages to a player who is all but gonna be a second fiddle to Rvp. ? the fact is Mu is afraid of making a deal, as rooney will take the title to chelsea just as rvp brought us the title.