Date: 18th July 2013 at 3:30am
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Manchester United chief exec Ed Woodward flew back from Australia to handle what was deemed urgent transfer business today, but who is the player/players that United are looking to wrap up?

Last week David Moyes confirmed that United’s attempts to bring in new faces were progressing well, and whilst United’s number one target Thiago Alcantara joined Bayern Munich, United have continued to make moves in the transfer market.

A move for Cesc Fabregas was mooted and whilst Cesc told Barcelona manager Tito Vilanova that he wanted to stay at the Nou Camp, Barcelona are said to need the money thus making a move possible.

Another player that Woodward could be wrapping up is Fellaini, the midfielder’s buy out clause is nullified in under a month meaning he would no longer be available for £23.5m. United have been linked with Fellaini heavily and in the past few days it has been reported that he would fancy a move to United ahead of Arsenal, allowing him to link up with former manager David Moyes again.

But the most interesting player that could be heading to Old Trafford is a player we have been linked with before, and whilst the rumours died down are now back with a vengeance!

Daniel Levy was adamant that Luka Modric wouldn’t end up at Old Trafford, unlucky David because it appears the decision is out of your hands. According to Sky Italia, Manchester United have reignited their interest in the Real Madrid player.

Gianluca Di Marzio has claimed that the player is ready to move on from the Bernabeu now Mourinho has left and United are ready to provide him with a home.

Modric, as you will remember was the deciding factor in Real’s win over United at Old Trafford scoring a spectacular effort that essentially put United to the sword.

It could be a curve ball, and United bringing in a player that we aren’t even expecting. But having missed out on Thiago, the news that we’re actually going to bring in someone, someone big according to Sky too, makes for exciting times.

PS. I left Ronaldo out on purpose, if he comes back you’ll be able to see my reaction to it in the British press. I’ll be the guy arrested for doing naked star jumps in front of Buckingham Palace or in layman’s terms – it’s not going to happen.


27 responses to “The Player Deemed ‘Urgent Transfer Business’ By Manchester United”

  1. daniel says:

    y is it dat dis chelsae of a team dont go 4 players on thier own.any player we go 4 they work.dat shows dat they a our feda team.

  2. Imraan says:

    Dont sell Rooney!!!
    Get Fellaini and Fabregas/Fabregas!!!
    And yes – ACT NOW!!!!
    60 Million for 2 great players – NOT TOO BAD????

  3. daniel says:

    y is it dat dis chelsae of a team dont go 4 players on thier own.any player we go 4 they work.dat shows dat they a our feda team wt thier black market coach.

  4. moheavy says:

    If man united fail to sign a player this summer and fail to win anything next season, then Moyes has to step down. How could he let go of Thiago and Strootman and yet he knows that united’s major problem is in the middle of the park?! He must be joking!!

    • John says:

      Sack him after a year? That isn’t the united way look how long it took ferguson to win a trophy at first, give the man a break it’s a big step up he hasn’t even sat in the dugout yet

    • Kashere21 says:

      Is not Moyes that got the laziness but our inactive new chief exco., mr ed woodward , is to blame.

  5. Igwe Adibe Orlu says:

    Man u is bigger than any player as such Rooney has over stepped his bounds and should be sold but not chelsea unless they will swap Rooney for Mata + £10m pounds it is a good business. you may follow me on twitter @igweman_u and i will follow you back.MAN U 4Life !!!

  6. samuel Eyo says:

    y dat any player man united go 4 chelsea to go 4 pls get us fabregas nd fellaini

  7. Reuben Akpan says:

    Moyes, ur statment about Rooney is not fair, Rooney can’t be cover to united bcos of RVP. Instead use our 4-4-2 formation, if Rooney go now l hope there would be no Rooney again & l can’t see any one that would replace him infact you people know about that. Using of 4-4-2 formation, Chicharito will save as back up Welbeck is not the real deal. Try to sort Rooney issue pls else united would regret, see city are bolsting their squad & their fans are laughing at us is not fair it shouldn’t be Rooney that united to do like that is not fair at all. Rooney is the finest player only injury striked him down last season but when giving chance he proved his worth. I don’t know me & u people who should be the one to give advise or who benefit most from Rooney? But to be frank l only benefit from Rooney when l sees him adorning the red devil’s shirt & l cheered him as a fan. up utd!

  8. Reuben Akpan says:

    Going for Bale with 60m only make small sense, instead use that 60m & buy quality players in Fellaini & Fabregas since we have missed on Thiago & Strootman which is pity for utd bcos of delaying. Give Nani & Young changes they will prove their worth again. thanks, utd we stand!

  9. AM says:

    Please get fabregas and fellani that would be great. I think we have enough defenders and we can give chance to buttner and smalling. I can’t believe these guys have lost another great lad “Bruno Gomes” I was eagerly waiting for his arrival and he showed a lot of love towards the club and fans. Lads like him are needed to this club, in year or 2 he will be become great. He has proved himself by earning Golden Boot for the U17 Championship. Instead of spending 7million on bebe we can buy him 😉

  10. Frankie chinonso says:

    Moyes pls hold d bull by d horn, get us fellani n possibly fabregas. Dont sell rooney unless u want ti create a vacuum dat will not b filled in d next 3 seasons. Up united