Date: 24th July 2013 at 6:45pm
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Thiago & Pep

Thiago Alcantara’s father Mazinho has opened up on his son’s move to Bayern Munich, following Manchester United’s failure to sign the youngster.

It was claimed that Mazinho had met United officials and thrashed out a move for his son but nothing was confirmed. Pep Guardiola then confirmed his interest in his former player and this pretty much ended any hope United had of signing the player.

Days later Thiago’s move to Bayern was confirmed and United were again left on the outside looking in.

Thiago claimed that the lure of working with Guardiola was too great, but speaking to La Xarxa Mazinho has now shed further light on the matter, contradicting claims that Moyes had not been interested in him and that Mazinho had reached an agreement with United:

“Thiago was very close to signing with Manchester United.

“They had talks. But they couldn’t find an agreement.”


20 responses to “REVEALED: Mazinho Explains Why Thiago Didn’t Join Manchester United”

  1. Dapo says:

    Mazinho go to hell with your son and you would soon cry for this disappointment.
    Does your son has guarantee at Bayern.

  2. vincent says:

    Both the father and his son were ungreatful. They are very stupid.

  3. heraldson says:

    They @ not to b blamed,cos manu were unserious about d transfer saga linking d young lad to old trafford

  4. Michael says:

    This we have come to expect from man utd. They ALWAYS lack aggression in the transfer market. They’l keep losing their targets bcoz they court a player for too long then (1)a player loses interest (2)other aggressive clubs come into da picture and sweep our targets away AND (3) they themselves lose interest in da the player!!!

  5. Bizzaino says:

    MOYES pls stop this slow motion and suspense. U need to add more speed to this transfer saga.

  6. Az Lee says:

    Moyes is to blame,his not active to be man u coach…but I remain united….I suggest he should. Sign Tony Kross and fellaini….

  7. T says:

    I don’t know what went wrong with the transfer, if it was money, then maybe United officials are a little too greedy, I suppose, they need to learn that money is important to tie best players and stop the “no value in the market” BS. Ah, the Glazers are really a bunch of greedy *****. Well, if it was because of Moyes’ doubt about Thiago, maybe he used to live in a cave then, I mean, look at Silva, Mata and Cazorla! WOW! Buuuut, if it was because of Thiago himself wanting the words “regular starter” written in his contract, then I agree, cause a spot the starting eleven is earned trough hardwork on the training ground and the pitch, not from some letters on a contract sheet.

  8. Jeffrey says:

    There are option for Moyes; fellaini, cabaye, kross. Moyes stop wasting time.

  9. SEMIU SANNI says:


  10. Gwenhure Alex says:

    Yo problem is u hire acertain chameleon called moyes Driven by some snails called Glazzxers then expect them to compete with the likes of psg n Monaco. Sorry man u. U needed a real manager n not that clown