Date: 26th July 2013 at 3:49am
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Manchester United could miss out on snapping up Marouane Fellaini for a cut price, as the clause in his contract that allows him to leave for £22m expires on July 31st.

United have been heavily linked with the Belgian since David Moyes assumed his role as manager at Old Trafford, but it is thought that he would come as a last resort if United miss out on a number of other targets.

David Moyes said attempts to sign Cesc Fabregas are on going but if they fall through, Moyes may be forced to turn to his former player.

If that is the case, he will need an answer from Barcelona quickly because Fellaini’s price could sky rocket after next Wednesday.

Whilst United fans crave a central midfielder I don’t think many are keen on bringing in Fellaini unless he is last resort. Having been linked with the likes of Fabregas, Thiago (?) and more recently Gundogan, signing the Everton bruiser would be somewhat of a let down.


10 responses to “Time Is Running Out For United In Pursuit Of Midfielder”

  1. aungbohtet says:

    Moyes quiltly sign Fabergas .Than,you sign fellini.

  2. stephen love says:

    i want this man to buying player for us now

  3. Fidelis says:

    Please Moyes sign this player, he is good technically and physically. He can be our Yaya Toure.

  4. Taiwo says:

    Moyes sud make it in haste bcs time is going infact we can sign both of them fab and fell

  5. j18efc says:

    ‘dithering dave’ will miss out on both

  6. ak says:

    David moyes please concentrate on buying bale and fabregas or fellaini but bale is most important whereas in midfield with have kagawa,cleaversly,jesse lingard,carrick,anderson,powell with need a experience like fabregas or fellaini and bale will make the attack strong with his speed abilites to van persie, henandez. They both are scoring machine.

  7. Obi says:

    Hmm, time is indeed running out b4 we start crying about losing out on another transfer target. To say the truth, Our transfer dealings are just too slow – it takes ages long just to attract a world class player. This is embarassing for a Club of this massive size. 650 million fans having their hopes dashed every now and then.

  8. Bob says:

    Moyes knows or he should know where we need to strengthen and he should know who we can really get if he doesn’t and United fail to achieve anything then get on your bike mr Moyes your not the manager for us