Date: 14th August 2013 at 7:12pm
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Roy Keane ITV

Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane feels Wayne Rooney has nothing to prove and claims that it was never in doubt that Rooney would play against Scotland tonight.

A spate of ‘injuries’ kept Rooney out of United’s pre season games but the striker was still selected by Roy Hodgson for tonight’s grudge match at Wembley.

With the season starting on Saturday, Keane believes that Rooney needs minutes and the tie is the perfect occasion for Rooney to sharpen up ahead of the new campaign.

Speaking to ITV ahead of their coverage of the game, Keane said of his former team mate:

“I think it was always clear he was going to start. People have to remember it’s pre-season and he needs some minutes under his belt – and this is a perfect game for it as it’s going to have an edge to it.

With all the speculation, he needs to play some games. He’s picked up some injuries pre-season but I don’t think he’s got anything to prove tonight. The biggest danger for him is if he tries to overdo it, so hopefully he’ll get a decent 45 minutes under his belt.”


19 responses to “Roy Keane: Rooney Has Nothing To Prove”

  1. james says:

    Finally Keane you manage to say something sensible, all us true united fans, no are Rooney ain’t got shit to prove , world class and a united legend, we never doubted him, while ever one else jumped on the media bullshit, like a dog in heat…Rooney will show his class, not prove his worth..

    • Zubair says:

      Thank you !!!

    • Zubair says:

      arguably the best striker in the world? Hahahahahahhaaahaaabbahahahahahahabahbahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahhaa. Rvp never ever performs well in European events , fact . Rvp has done very little for his country , fact . Rvp is not even Hollands first choice striker , fact . Hunterlaar , so underrated its almost shameful , is . This decision is made by a great great manager , Louis van gaal , fact . Rvp has had only two seasons in his career where he has scored over 20 goals in all competitions , I don’t care if he was injured , that sure as hell doesn’t mean he wudve been consistent had he not been . Wayne Rooney is a better box player than rvp says football expert Andy Townsend , fact . Wayne Rooney asked for a transfer request in 2010 rightfully questioning club ambitions as we embarked on fielding very possibly the weakest united squad of the last 2 decades , fans wanted signings that season too , did we get any ? Ofcourse not . Did Wayne Rooney carry united to the champions league final , an FA cup semi and a premier league title that season ? With a golden boot, he sure did . 2012, we lose to city on goal difference, united again accused of fielding the weakest squad of the past 2 decades , filled to the brim with youth . Wayne Rooney scored 27 league goals that season second only to rvp who had a much much better attacking midfield to aid him, FACT.2013, Wayne Rooney gets dropped from the strikers role and starts filling gaps around the field all because rvp , SAF s love child , takes rooneys position without even giving Rooney a chance . Rooney suffers a nasty injury , is force to watch rvp steal his spot completely , then forced to play in positions including the left wing , cm , right wing And in a role far too deep to be called behind the striker . Wayne Rooney stills scores 16 goals and a leading assist tally of 10 . How dare u united fans turn ur back on some1 who has brought us glory and been with us for 9 years , I’m really shocked some of u even claim to watch football . Wayne Rooney , will come back to trafford as a Chelsea player and tear the united defence to shreds . U say he’s unfit and doesn’t train hard enough? Really , WAYNE ROONEY , does not train hard enough? Did the press tell u this ? Ofcourse . Do u believe every word of the press? Probably . Wake up united fans , this 27year old STRIKER , is far from past his peak . 30 year old rvp , definately closer . After watching Rooney form such incredible partnerships with Ronaldo , Chicha and that excellent understanding with Valencia on the wing in 2010 , coupled with the fact the one game Rooney and kagawa played the 2 upfront united banged in 4 and by far kagawa’s best performance of the season , who, on earth , would want Rooney to leave ???? Only fake united fans who watch 10 games a season , that I assure u . Pull the wool above ur eyes united fans . I know it’s long , but this is my usual response to idiot united fans , thought u may appreciate .

      • Ibrahim says:

        I dnt knw dat u also notice it.we cnt realy on vp who is an injury prone.wazza is nt all abt scoring.wat happened wen he came on as subtitude against totham last season at old traford.he score two wonderful goals 4 us against city even if vp score d winner.i just hope he dnt leave or else we will regret it.

        • ituen_basi says:

          Plz ur english is so so torres-like its wack. And as for zubir yes rooney is a great player and one of d greatest in d last 2 decades but some of ur facts abt RVP re nt correct so check dem again. No utd fan will love 2 see wazza leave trafford but if he is keen on going dere is notin we can do. #teamunited4life

          • Zubair says:

            Actually all rvp facts perfectly accurate when I wrote that comment after the Rooney speculation , only thing that changed since then was his not only preferential Inclusion but captaincy of holland lol . But I’m not gonn take that away from him , he’s a good player , but ever will be , And never has been , compared to European greats , only EPL greats

      • Stephen ward says:

        Ur a tick.. ur facts are rubbish!! And ur opinion is ludicrous too. get a fukn life u armchair supporter

  2. Noora says:

    I never had keane said something good about any united player

  3. Eben says:

    Rooney wil always be my man 2010 which he’s probably best season united won carling cup due to rooney end of d season injury nd we lost evrytin u cn see his frustration xepectialy against chelsea, is it wrong 4 him to asked 4 club ambition? Instead of we to buy gud midfida to suppose him like dat of messi nd ronaldo fergie put all burden of controlin midfid nd goal scoring on him my question is wil messi perform consistently wit man u midfid? I doubt

  4. Stephen ward says:

    Get a life ye lunatic. Whatever Rooney has done for utd is forgotten about because d way he went about this. DID WAYNE ROONEY TELL YOU HE WANTED TO STAY??? NO!!! Did he tell anyone?? No. And as for slatin RVP?? He’s not first choice striker for holland?? No he’s only the CAPTAIN!!! U need t get a grip kid and subscribe to bt sports and ya might catch a Netherlands game or too.. KNOB!!

  5. james says:

    Unitil you here it from the dogs mouth, then stand beside him, not against..I bet you wore screaming at the tv how much you love him , wen he scored that overhead kick against city.. and all dem other great moments,over nearly ten year, year in year out.really pisses me of wen so called united fans can turn on him so quickly, but you no wats going to happens, rooneys going to be firing this season, and wen the first one go’s in we’ll see wat he does..he’ll be celebrating, badge in hand, hand on heart, fans going nuts.. an all the dickheads who want him gone an hate his guts.. will luv him once more…..and one more thing, even if he did leave, we should be proud of wat he has done for us, not all be immature cunts about it… desclaimer- he ain’t leaving us……