Date:15th August 2013 at 3:37am
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Cesc Fabregas

WC Fields; actor, comedian and actor.

Ed Woodward and Manchester United may want to make themselves familiar with the American because he could teach them a thing or two.

Fields once said:

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no point in being a damn fool about it.”

And United would do well to heed his words because The Daily Telegraph are reporting Manchester United are preparing yet another bid for Barcelona’s Cesc Fabregas, this time to the tune of £40m.


But why? Last I checked the Catalan midfielder declared as plain as day that he would be remaining at the Nou Camp, telling assembled press:

“Triumphing in Barcelona has been my dream since I was a child.

“I am very happy at Barcelona and I haven’t spoken to any other club in the last two years.

“Stories have been invented. I was never given any sign from the club to make me think they didn’t want me, I have always felt wanted here.”

If we and everyone else can see that he won’t be leaving Barcelona this summer, why can’t the club? I think we may need to call an intervention for our Ed, sit him down and tell him how his pursuit of Cesc has hurt us individually.

On a serious note, the time spent chasing a player that has stated he has no interest in leaving his current club could easily have been spent looking at players who are available or may be persuaded to join United. It’s not like they aren’t about.

Luka Modric for example could be available due to the size of Carlo Ancelotti’s squad in Madrid.

I think most fans are past the phase of “bring us a star name” and will simply settle on a player that will improve the team (and there is much room for improvement, but you already know that!).

With our title defence kicking off in 2 days, the fact we are yet to add to the squad is disappointing but there is still time to rectify this before the window closes on September 2nd.

Hopefully United direct their efforts in the directions of a player that is actually available.