Date: 19th August 2013 at 8:41am
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Baines and Fellaini

According to Greg O’Keffe of the Liverpool Echo, Everton have rejected a £28m joint bid for Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines.

United’s interest in both players is well know but after publicly attempting to sign Barcelona’s Cesc Fabregas, it appears the club have taken a more quiet approach in trying to secure the pair’s signatures.

O’Keffe claims Everton were left outraged after United bid just £16m for Belgian midfielder Fellaini, just weeks after a buyout clause in his contract would have seen him leave for £23.5m and to make matter worse tried to also snap Baines up for an extra £12m.

It is believed that the £28m move, was made 48 hours before the Premier League kicked off and was designed to unsettle the pair, leaving ill feeling at Goodison Park towards United especially as they value Fellaini at higher than the £23.5m that was written into his contract and United had claimed the £12m move they made for Baines in July would be their final attempt to sign the left back.

Everton have made a point of stating they are looking to keep both players, and this derisory bid will only strengthen their resolve so if United were to wrestle them from Goodison Park it would take a fee significantly higher than the report £28m that United offered.

With United having missed out on prior targets and the transfer window closing in a matter of weeks, United will need to up their offer if they are to get Everton to play ball here.


8 responses to “REPORT: Manchester United Double Bid Angrily Rejected”

  1. Possebon says:

    They will definitely negotiate & the transfers will surely go through.

  2. Cambridge Blue says:

    “They will definitely negotiate & the transfers will surely go through”!!!!!!!!!
    Posseban – this will only happen IF United stop penny pinching and make an offer ABOVE the market value – Not 12million below it – 28 million is an insult

    • Luttrrt says:

      I agree. After issuing a letter of apology for the way Moyes was appointed, is it the best tactic to go in so low. Everton will just dig their heels in deeper now. I understand you don’t go in first with your top offer but this was laughable at best. Utd have been poor in the market this summer. Conducting your business in public is all well and good in relation to Thiago and Fabragas but embarrassing when you don’t get them.

  3. Son Of St Domingo says:

    Here’s a bit of food for thought for Man Utd
    30th April 2011
    “I don’t want to sell and Everton sell expensively, we don’t sell cheap”

    12th November 2012
    “They know where Felli is , they know where to come and watch him, they know as well that it will be a big price if interested”

    No clues for guessing who said these words. Losing total respect of the Evertonians.

  4. Pablo says:

    Hard to take that bid seriously. It’s embarrassing more than anything else.

    Moyes said that Fellaini was one of the best players in the league less than 11 months ago and now United bid less than Everton paid for him when he was a 19 year old who hadn’t played outside Belgium?! Absolutely laughable.

    And £12mil for Baines has already been rejected. I don’t understand how bidding the same again could be classed as ‘negotiation’.

    United will probably get Fellaini but it’ll cost £25mil+. I still can’t see Baines going there…

  5. odo samuel odinaka says:

    Hello am a united fan, it would hav been much prefared if we go for willian or ozil, wit at least €30million rather than baines nd fellaini. Fellani is a gud option for aging carrick. Pls united think wishly. Thanks