Date: 21st August 2013 at 10:28am
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Wayne Rooney vs Swansea

Chelsea are set to test Manchester United’s resolve again with a £28m bid for striker Wayne Rooney.

Having had 2 bids rejected already, Jose Mourinho still believes a deal can be reached between the two clubs but United are insistent that Rooney is not for sale.

Yesterday Mourinho said that Chelsea have a plan B & C in the event they did not get Rooney, but insisted that his club would continue trying to sign him:

“We will keep trying because, when the market is open, official bids are not forbidden. You try because nobody forbids you to try.

“We have conditions to try to improve our team with one more player. But we do have a Plan B and a Plan C.”

United refuse to entertain the idea that they could sell a player of Rooney’s size and importance to a title rival and have said that they won’t listen to offers of any size so a £28m bid isn’t likely to receive a different response.

Rooney made his first appearance for United since May for United last Saturday in the 4-1 win over Swansea but with Chelsea up next for the champions on Monday, the on going saga could see him sit the game out.


7 responses to “Will £28m Be Enough To Steal Star Away?”

  1. Bichitra Bijoy says:

    Mourinho is a dirty mind . He always try to do politics with players . As seen from his press conferences he always put himself above all . He never take responsibility for his failures . As he told that English clubs were not good enough to be champions for past two seasons was a joke of the day . He blamed Ronaldo for Real Madrid failures but it was he who could not got past Borrusia Dortmond with his poor tactics . He always depand on big name players and big money transfers for his success . He is a arrogant who always think his works are top class even above the club thats why he was sacked by Chelsea years ago .

    • skymute says:

      mind u, he was nt sacked…. he resigned… i so much like dis guy bcos he is always himself… if a man can be dat arrogant and yet successful in his career…. so wat is ur point?

  2. Tyfion says:

    Mourinho is just playing constant mind games with united, he knows that if he keeps chipping away at Rooney then he won’t play in the Chelsea game as his head won’t be in it. Which whether most of you agree with me or not is advantage Chelsea. Rooney even with his head not in the right place against swansea had 2 assists so it wakes you wonder what he would be like fully fit with his head in the game.

  3. DayusDred says:

    I wonder why people still listen to this guy. I thought he once said it’s either Rooney or no body! Now he has plans B, C, ….F. The ABU media should be ashamed of themself for allowing Mourinho to use them, something he failed to do with Italian and Spanish media.

  4. AMIEN FAKIER says:

    mourinho think he is good but moyes plays better mind games than him,he will swap rooney for mata

  5. Ed Crossley says:

    Torres £50 million? Rooney £28 million? U do the math – if Rooney is to leave United it won’t be for this piece of change in Abramovich’s pockets. Get serious Chelsea!